All the Ways You Can Win Free Flights and Upgrades This Holiday Season

It's no secret that holiday travel can be expensive, but these companies are ready to make your holiday travel a little easier (and cheaper!)

It’s no secret that holiday travel can be expensive, but these companies are ready to make your holiday travel a little easier (and cheaper!)

For those of you who haven’t already booked your flight home for Christmas, but want to make a grand entrance, JetBlue is offering free flights home on December 24, just in time to open up presents on Christmas morning—and they’ll even wrap you up in paper and ribbons. To enter their Go Get Gifted program, passengers can visited the airline’s website between now and Dec. 12 to enter. Travelers will be asked to choose their departure city, destination city, how they’d like to be gift wrapped from head-to-toe, and why they’d be the “fly-est gift” for their loved ones this holiday season. Five winners will be chosen.

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While most people have already booked their flights home for the upcoming festivities, a lot of times, seat requests are not an option due to the high amount of travelers. But two companies are ready to pay for your flight upgrades if you’re stuck in a middle seat.


Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer is gifting travelers who booked a dreaded middle seat with upgrades to either first or business class, worth up to $3,125 for each adult entrant and the brand will spend up to $50,000 in upgrades. To enter, passengers over 18 who have a middle seat on a flight between Dec. 17, 2018 and Jan. 31, 2019 can visit to share their travel itinerary and write the reason they deserve to be upgraded.

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Stella Artois is also joining in on the fun, and plans to upgrade “frustrated travelers who share their woes on social media” with a variety of prizes, including individual flight upgrades for 60 people worth $500 each in the form of a gift card to be used on a return flight, or a CLEAR membership, where 28 travelers can have an expedited security experience at the airport. Other prizes include free Lyft rides and a $500 StubHub or Ticketmaster gift card. Interested travelers can enter to win by following @StellaArtois on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and using any of the social media networks to post a photo of their travel itinerary with the reason they should win until Dec. 21. Participants must use #StellaUpgrade and #Contest and tag @StellaArtois to enter.

If you haven’t already booked your flight for the holidays, now is the time. According to’s holiday travel report, which analyzes flight trend and pricing data, prices are only expected to rise between now and Christmas, with the average roundtrip holiday fare currently costing $476. The report outlines that the cheapest day to fly out is Dec. 18, and traveling on Christmas Eve offers a better bargain than traveling on Saturday, Dec. 22.

As for booking your return flight? If you aren’t set on popping a bottle at midnight to ring in 2019, flying home on New Year’s Eve is the most economical, according to the report, while returning on Jan. 2 is the most expensive.

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