Freddie Prinze Jr. Shares His Favorite Father's Day Gift Ideas — Including One That's His Pizza Night Staple

The actor, podcaster and father to Charlotte, 12, and Rocky, 9, reveals his favorite items for cooking and living well

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Freddie's Top Picks

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

Prinze Jr. loves to cook, so naturally he chose a kitchen-inspired selection this Father's Day.

From a 3-pack of flavorful hot sauces to a baking stone for pizza night, check out Freddie Prinze Jr.'s go-to gifts to surprise Dad on June 19.

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Lettuce Grow Seedlings

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

"My kids and I love growing fresh vegetables and herbs at home," says Prinze. Test your green thumb by planting a few seedlings of your favorite variety, or go full futuristic farmer and get dad their celeb-loved Farmstand — a modular self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic system (from $399).

Buy It! Butter Lettuce seedling, $2.50;

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Hot N Saucy Flavor Pack

Hot Sauce Flavor Pack

"I love everything spicy and these give the perfect kick!" he says of this pack of Garlic N Peperoncini, Beet N Fresno, and Sweet Potato N Habanero hot sauces.

Buy It! Hot N Saucy Flavor Pack, $30 for 3;

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Casa Del Sol Blanco Tequila

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

"A nice bottle of tequila is a really nice gift," says Prinze of this margarita-ready blanco bottle from Eva Longoria's Casa Del Sol brand.

Buy It! Blanco Tequila, $65;

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Snake River Farms Wagyu Top Sirloin

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

"Snake River Farms controls their entire supply chain, and their steaks are the highest quality," he says of the marbled, flavorful cuts.

Buy It! Wagyu Top Sirloin, $18 for 6 oz.;

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Back to the Kitchen Cookbook

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

"My cookbook has stories to go with each recipe inspired by my childhood in New Mexico. The steak and green sauce are two of my favorites," he says.

Buy It! Back to the Kitchen, $28;

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Staub Pure Grill Pan

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

Prinze says this enameled cast-iron pan "is a great gift for a dad who likes to cook, like me!" With deep grilling ridges and excellent heat retention, it cooks food evenly.

Buy It! Staub Pure Grill Pan, $120;

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Ooni Baking Stone

Freddie Prinze Jr. Father's Day Gift Guide

The home cook says making his own pizzas with his kids and wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is "easy and fun." This cordierite stone ensures every pie will have a crisp crust.

Buy It! Baking Stone, $30;

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The Little Market 'Best Dad Ever' Candle


"These candles are great, and they give back!" says Prinze. The nonprofit shop cofounded by Lauren Conrad makes sure its global artisans are paid a fair wage.

Buy It! Best Dad Ever Candle, $44;

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