The Bravo star shares inside her pregnancy journey
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After nine seasons of the Bravo show, Jenni Pulos knows how to handle a Jeff Lewis flip out.

“I make him laugh,” Pulos, 43, tells PEOPLE of her method for the madness on Flipping Out. “[I] ignore the behavior and distract him with something else. And guess what? That’s what I do with my 3-year-old every single day.”

The upbeat executive assistant has stood by Lewis’ side through many ups and downs over the years, but they haven’t become one of TV’s favorite duos because things always go smoothly.

“I think maybe why Zoila and I have a good longstanding relationship with him is because when he’s wrong, we tell him,” she says. “Sometimes you have to be the bad guy. And that means you actually care about them, but you’re not going to let them get away with something that you don’t think is right.”

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While Lewis has had his fair share of drama on this season of Flipping Out — recovering from a lost business opportunity and planning for a baby with partner Gage Edward — Pulos has been juggling some difficulties of her own.

“I think talking about infertility is important. Being open about it and being able to share lets other people understand that they’re not alone,” Pulos says of her choice to document she and husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos’ efforts to get pregnant with a second child on the show.

It’s a decision the reality star says some might find to be “so private,” but she’s chosen to share because she wants to be able to offer her insights and encouragement to viewers.

“Of course it was hard,” she says. “But I learned a lot about it. Hopefully I can be helpful to other people.”

While Pulos suggests finding professionals that will assist you both physically and emotionally throughout the process, she also doesn’t discount the power of medical miracles.

“Listen to medicine and listen to statistics, but don’t base everything on that,” she says. “If you talk to people, you’ll hear so many stories, like ‘I went through four IVF cycles and I quit and got pregnant.’ I believe that there are miracles every moment of every day if we just look for them.”

And when it comes to staying positive through the highs and lows, Pulos says, “I try to remain positive when things aren’t exactly the way I want. If I’m getting 80 percent right I’m pretty happy with that.”

Regardless of what happens, Pulos remains happy with her career, marriage and being a proud mom to “three-nager” daughter Alianna.

“Nothing has gone the way I thought it was supposed to go,” she says. “And guess what, I’m so happy that it didn’t, because I wouldn’t have my daughter and I wouldn’t have my long-term relationship with Jeff and all the things I’ve learned from him.”

As for whether she’ll receive positive pregnancy news by the end of this season: “You’re just gonna have to wait for the rest of the season. Can I leave a little bit of mystery? ” she says.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Bravo.