See the Flipping Out star's response to his former employer's latest celeb collection

The design world hath no fury like Jeff Lewis scorned.

The Flipping Out star was fired from his position as creative director for furniture company Living Spaces in 2015 following an incident where he claims one of their employees “sabotaged” a photoshoot he was producing. Now, nearly three years later, the brand has teamed up with celebrity couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent — and Lewis has a lot of thoughts about the partnership.

“Congrats [Nate and Jeremiah],” he wrote on a screenshot of the couple from the company’s website. He added the hashtags: #getyourmoneyupfront, #channa, #firedforwhat, #justiceforjeff, #sloppyseconds and #nicebackdrop.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Lewis clarifies that his message is a “cautionary tale” for Berkus and Brent about their collaboration, and not a slight against the duo.

“I have nothing against Nate and Jeremiah, but I have everything against Living Spaces,” he says. “I was fortunate enough to land in a better position working for a nicer and more professional group of people. I just hope Nate and Jeremiah will, too.”

A representative for Berkus did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment

The inclusion of #channa in his caption references the name of the woman who was reportedly in charge of supplying props for Lewis’s now infamous photoshoot with the company. In a clip from the series (below), Lewis and his team continue to ask her if she’s brought items like dishware and candles, and she responds that she did not.

“After the show aired, they did not like how [the company] looked and they fired me,” Lewis recounted later on Watch What Happens Live. “And also the girl that sabotaged, well allegedly sabotaged my shoot, she had gone to HR. From what I gather, she might have threatened a lawsuit as a result.”

Although he said at the time he didn’t “want pity, I’m gonna whoop it up!,” his recent post on social media suggests there’s still plenty of bad blood between the famous house flipper and his former employer. But in true Lewis fashion, he hasn’t thrown shade without poking a little fun at himself as well.

When the two parties split in 2015, he shared several photos with co-star Jenni Pulos that included captions like “Can I take an Advil for depression?” next to a snap of a martini and headache medicine, and “Can we split this?” alongside a photo of him and Pulos staring at a check.

But after recovering from the career blow, Lewis still assured fans that he wasn’t going to let the setback keep him from future success.

“When I lost Living Spaces, it certainly stung,” he told PEOPLE in 2016. “So I grieved a little bit. Then I brushed myself off and got up and realized, ‘Well, I gotta go make a living.’”