They're Not Just Christina and Tarek 2.0! Plus 5 More Things You Should Know About 'Flip or Flop Vegas' ' Bristol and Aubrey Marunde

Photo: HGTV

Aubrey and Bristol Marunde are the newest dynamic house-flipping duo.

The stars of the first of HGTV’s five national Flip or Flop spinoffs, the 13-episode series Flip or Flop Vegas, might bare some similarities to the original stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa — she’s a young mom with an eye for all things glam, while he handles the construction side — but the Marundes, both 34, are more than ready to put their own spin on the hit franchise.

“We think our show is going to be a lot different,” Aubrey, a designer and licensed realtor, tells PEOPLE of the series, which premiered April 6. “We take on properties that other people won’t touch, and we do full renovations on them. Nothing goes unturned.”

“You’re not going to see the same thing over and over,” Bristol adds.

  1. They do see some similarities with another famous HGTV family.

“We have read a lot about [the Gaineses] and they’re very, very similar to us,” Aubrey says. “It’s kind of funny, Bristol and I will read something and shake our head and be like ‘Oh my gosh, that’s exactly the same kind of stories that we have!’”

As for who tops Bristol’s list of dream home decorators: “I want to meet Vanilla Ice,” he says of the rapper turned DIY Network host. “I love his music and I love that he flips houses, too, so I’m hoping we can hang out someday.”

2. Bristol is an MMA Fighter.

“My first professional fight was in 2005 in Atlantic City,” Bristol tells PEOPLE. “I’m actually not allowed to fight during filming, but once we’re done I’m going to schedule a fight.”

3. They have two kids — and some chickens.

The couple has two children, sons Kale, 6, and Kane, 3, who viewers can expect to see plenty of on the show.

“When they’re not in school and on the weekends they’re on the construction site with us,” Aubrey says. “I grew up on a construction site. My dad’s a general contractor of 30-plus years and we were always on job sites with him, and I think that’s where I got a really good sense of construction and design, and what it’s like to own your own business. So it’s really a family affair for us.”

Their boys aren’t the only rowdy ones at the Marundes home, though. Bristol often shares inside his family’s chicken coop on Instagram.

4. They’re not here for the fame.

The couple admits they had some hesitations about filming a TV show, after what Aubrey describes as a “grueling process” when Bristol appeared on the show The Ultimate Fighter. “When they first approached us, we weren’t into it,” Aubrey says. “But once we met everyone at HGTV and the whole family there, we really just fell in love with the idea.”

Bristol adds,” I’ve already done that. I don’t really care about fame. We’re entrepreneurs and we want to grow our business, and the TV side is not something we really cared about.”

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5. They’re all about teamwork.

Although both bring an impressive skill set to the table, they agree that they’re stronger together. “I have a design in mind and Bristol makes it happen,” Aubrey says of their symbiotic style.

Bristol adds, “We’re lucky that we get to spend that time together because what we do is very special, and I think it’s really brought us together.”

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