Vacation Like a Modern Stone Age Family at the Flintstone House

Airbnb. Photo: Airbnb

Get ready to have a yaba-daba-doo time if you stay at this Airbnb.

The Flintstone house, an iconic property located near San Francisco is now available to rent on the home-sharing site. It hit the market for the first time in 19 years with a $3.95 million price tag in 2015, but has since been added to Airbnb's list of rentals in the Bay Area. With its quirky architecture and fun features, it certainly beats an average hotel.

Although Fred and Wilma sadly are not the actual homeowners, the offbeat estate, designed in 1976, is reminiscent of the popular cartoon family's house with its stone-like shotcrete (that's concrete dispensed through a hose) build and red- and purple-painted façade.


Inside, the tone is just as playful with oddly shaped windows, curved walls (the house has no corners!) and plenty of interesting décor to keep you occupied during your visit.

The futuristic counter and steel wall make the kitchen a definite point of interest, while a "sunken conversation pit with fireplace," is the clear spot to unwind.

Flintstone house.

One of three bedrooms in the space is referred to as the "tower bedroom," and offers beautiful views of the bridge and reservoir near the town of Hillsborough. Three bathrooms are also available in the strange abode — this particular space looks like its straight out of Bedrock.

Whether you're an architecture buff or Flintstone fan, there's plenty to enjoy during a weekend getaway at this cozy, and unmistakably creative, spot.

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