By Megan Stein
March 30, 2017 01:16 PM
Courtesy HGTV

Don’t cry because this season of Fixer Upper is over; smile because you can relive all its best moments right here.

The fourth round of the wildly popular series promised to be as full of Chip’s jokes, Joanna’s shiplap style and even more #couplesgoals cuteness as the three previous. And between the sweet family stories, unbelievable reveals and exciting updates (hint: they’re getting a new show!), the HGTV hit did not disappoint. But if you need a Chip and Jo fix to hold you over until season five, here’s a collection of this season favorite moments.

1. Morgan Family Values

Chip and Joanna joined forces with Keith and Annabeth Morgan, who needed a refreshed home with room for their young family, which included two newly adopted daughters, to grow. Although the final results were certainly stunning, what fans are sure to remember most is Chip and Joanna’s surprise reveal that they unexpectedly renovated their children’s rooms as well.

2. Shiplap, Reprise

In addition to that sweet surprise, Joanna also debuted her newest design style, “skinnylap” (a more modern take on her classic wide-planked go-to) in the Morgans’ boy’s room.

3. A Salute to Those Who’ve Served

It truly took a village — or an army — to bring “The Graham House” project to life. The Gaineses teamed up with the nonprofit Family of III Foundation and the Waco community to give Mr. Graham, an army veteran, and his wife, who Joanna shared sadly passed away shortly after the reveal, a home they truly deserve.

4. A Sweet Reno Treat

Chip and Joanna’s bakery, Silos Baking Co., is already a popular stop at their Magnolia Market at the Silos attraction in Waco, Texas. But they gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the renovations during this episode, which also starred their four children, Emmie, 6, Duke, 8, Drake, 11, and Ella, 9. Joanna shared Emmie’s adorable favorite part of the process, on her blog: “I liked the part where they made us close our eyes and they pulled open the signs.”

5. They’re on a (House) Boat!

What’s not to love about a small-space renovation that looks just as farmhouse fabulous on the inside as any full-size home? “This was one of those projects where Chip and I really got to use our imaginations and stretch creatively,” Joanna says. “I loved seeing our friend’s houseboat transform, from basically a shipwrecked mess into a houseboat that the whole family will love using year round from now on!”

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6. Flip Flashback

This was the ultimate #tbt for Chip and Joanna. “15 years ago this was one of our first flips we took on together as a couple,” Joanna writes on Instagram. “This week’s episode we get to flip a house on #FixerUpper – we loved getting to go down memory lane!”

7. Sentimental Surprise

The Beachums, whose home was overflowing with children and grandchildren during the holidays, were only expecting the Chip and Jo treatment on a few of their spaces. Upon the reveal they were surprised to find the entire house renovated (and a dream kitchen for “Nana” Beachum), thanks to a gift from their son.

8. More, Fixer Upper, Please!

Shortly before the season four finale was set to air on Tuesday, Chip and Joanna announced they were starring in another HGTV series called Fixer Upper: Behind the Design (Get a sneak peek here!). “You won’t want to miss it,” Joanna says in a video on Instagram.

9. Twice as Nice

They saved the best for last! In the season four finale, fans were moved to tears after the Gaineses worked their magic to transform a wooden shack into a dream home for the show’s executive producer Michael Matsumoto and his wife, Jessie. After the final reveal, the Matsumoto’s also discovered Jessie was pregnant with twins who were born on March 17th at 4:57 p.m. and 4:58 p.m., just days before the episode aired.

There’s no word yet on when Season 5 will air (although Joanna has teased that filming has already begun). Until then, there’s plenty of Gaines family magic to be had by exploring their favorite spots in Waco, perusing Joanna’s collections at Pier 1 and taking guesses at what Chip has planned for his new store. Plus, there’s always reruns.