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November 14, 2016 11:09 AM

Adorable goofball and one half of HGTV’s Fixer Upper power duo, Chip Gaines, is celebrating his 42nd birthday today, so why not reflect on what makes Chip so, well, Chip.

For his wife Joanna, it’s his unpredictable behavior that makes their relationship work. “Match made in heaven is not the term you would use to describe us,” she told PEOPLE in October. “But when we mixed our personalities together, it created a spark.”

Their spark has transformed the parents of four into one of America’s favorite couples. Though Joanna calls herself, “the safe one,” she still knows how to complement her husband’s penchant for goofiness — which she proved last night when she sent out a secretive newsletter to her Magnolia subscribers.

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“I thought it would be really fun to catch him off guard by completely overloading him with birthday wishes!” she writes, encouraging fans to reach out to Chip via social media with the hashtag #happybirthdaychip.

Although there’s sure to be an outpouring of favorite memories from Joanna and fans throughout today, here are a few of his “Chip-iest” moments so far:

When he took this selfie. “It’s true what they say, the camera adds 10lbs,” he captions here.


When he was the best dad ever. Both Chip and Joanna agree that family comes first. “We are thankful for our success, but if it ever compromised our ability to be a healthy married couple, or if our kids started to get a little bit off track, we would quit this thing in a heartbeat,” they said.

When he brought Waco to NYC. “We were supposed to be doing an interview with @businessinsider but got quickly distracted,” he writes on this shot of him showing, “some New Yorkers how to play cornhole in Texas.”


When he didn’t sweep Joanna off her feet. “You kind of stalked me,” his wife teases about how Chip got her to agree to go out with her. “I thought you were like a 48-year-old man with kids. It wasn’t love at first sight.”

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When he realized who was taking so long in the bathroom. When his wife and daughters were out of town, Chip reflects, “I found it fascinating that with the girls gone for a week. Our bathroom prep time has decreased by over 900%!!”


When he was the sweetest husband. “We look out for one another,” he told PEOPLE in October. “We work to support one another through thick and thin.”

When he was all about girl power. On this photo of daughters Ella and Emmie he writes, “Everything boys can do, girls can do better!”


When he made a porn joke. While visiting the couple at their home in Waco, Texas, he jokingly announced that they’ve been getting request for soft-core porn. Eliciting a shriek and a response of, “Unbelievable!” from Joanna, of course.

When he showed some leg. “And for some eye candy…How about those legs…I mean, hardwood floors!” he says on this throwback photo.


When he encouraged Joanna to go after her dreams. Joanna sweetly admits that Chip is the push she sometimes needs to take career risks. “If it were just up to me I would stay in a cubicle and file paperwork,” she says. “But Chip has always pushed me to be the best me.”

Happy birthday to the Fixer Upper funny guy!


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