5 Times Chip and Joanna Gaines' Sons Drake and Duke Were Just Like Dad

Like father, like sons

Chip and Joanna Gaines have another boy on the way!

The Fixer Upper stars announced yesterday (in the most adorable way) that baby number five is going to be a son. The tot will be joining his jokester dad and older brothers Drake, 12, and Duke, 9, to be the fourth man of the house, meaning he’ll have lots to live up to when it comes to the Gaines guys’ signature sense of humor. Here are five favorite moments between Chip and his boys:

1. When Drake Pulled Out All the Jokes

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Drake stole the show in an early episode of Fixer Upper’s final season, when he hilariously rendered his dad speechless at his baseball game.

“Did you think when you were on the mound, ‘I wish I was as handsome as my dad?’” Chip asks his oldest.

“Uh, no, because it’s already true,” Drake retorts. Although Chip manages to keep a straight face, there’s no denying his thrill that the tween is following in his silly footsteps.

2. When Duke Called Chip Out on His Shopping Habits

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Duke is a natural on camera as well. Even better — he has his dad’s charitable personality and sense of humor to boot. The perfect example? When the two embarked on a trip to an antiques store to buy a gift for their clients’ kids, Chip quickly got distracted. And his youngest did not let him get away with it.

“Shopping with my dad is kind of impossible,” Duke says. Although his father feigned shock, feelings clearly weren’t hurt as it wasn’t long before the pair were in a fit of giggles after picking up a dress for their contractor, Shorty.

3. When They Both Supported Dad in His Hour of Need

Joanna often credits her husband for the family’s success, saying he “pushes me to dream.” Their sons are following their dad’s encouraging example: Along with sisters Ella, 11, and Emmie Kay, 7, they wrote letters and assembled a healthy snack for Chip to cheer him on as he works toward his 2018 goal of completing a marathon.

” I got teary eyed this AM when I saw this,” he said. “But at mile 5 it was the only thing I could think of.”

4. When Drake Showed Off His Flair for the Dramatic

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram
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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Drake couldn’t keep himself out of trouble during a weekend playdate with his siblings — which mom Joanna caught on video. Although he tried to toss a ball at his younger brother, his sisters ended up getting the best of him, as they launched their swing into Drake and knocked him on the ground. Drake took it like a champ flailing about for everyone’s entertainment.

5. When They Both Understood Who the Boss Really Is

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Just like dad, both boys know not to argue when their mom puts them to work at the job site. In season five, Drake and Duke busily stack wood in the fireplace at local metal designer (and now Silo District Marathon coach) Jimmy Don Holmes’s house. Once they’re finished, though, Joanna doesn’t waste any time telling them “go outside for a little bit and play.”

Although they’ve decided to call it quits with their show to focus on their growing family, Chip and Joanna can’t deny it’s been a fun ride filming with their cute clan.

“It is crazy when I look at these kids, they’re growing so fast,” Joanna said in Tuesday’s ‘How We Got Here’ episode. “So for us, whether it’s just ice cream or playing games, we gotta make those moments count.”

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