All of Birthday Girl Joanna Gaines and Husband Chip's Sweetest and Silliest Moments

#Couplegoals aren't just about the lovey stuff for the Fixer Upper stars

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ICYMI: Chip and Joanna Gaines are one of HGTV’s cutest couples, and fans of their hit show Fixer Upper were heartbroken when the lovable couple ended the series in April. (Though they got a new one the next week!)

While Chip and Joanna still have a magazine, vacation rentals, product lines and their ever-expanding Magnolia Market for fans to enjoy, HGTV lovers will no doubt miss seeing their chemistry and teamwork on screen.

To celebrate Joanna's ake a pause from wallowing in your ice cream pint, or ready to celebrate their epic reign, check out some of our favorite "that's so Chip and Jo" moments of all time.

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When Chip Announced Joanna Was Pregnant with Baby Number Five

Chip Gaines/Instagram

The couple announced in January that they were expecting a fifth baby, a boy. “Gaines party of 7,” Chip wrote alongside this photo of him and his wife, both sporting their own bumps. In case there was any confusion, the excited dad added, “WE ARE PREGNANT.”

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When They Went to Italy — And Napped a Lot

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Chip and Jo jetted off on a romantic (and well deserved!) vacation to Italy in November and took it pretty easy on the first day. “We both slept for 15 hours and missed breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon of shopping with friends,” Joanna admitted in a post on Instagram. “But that rest felt good! Florence, you’re beautiful.”

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When They Made Chip’s Dream a Reality

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

In season five of Fixer Upper, Chip revealed that he had always wanted to own a little breakfast joint. The couple made good on his dream by opening Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas, where they serve a variety of southern-inspired food (with some ingredients coming from their own garden!).

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When Chip Had a Man Bun and Joanna Was There for It

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Chip admits he can get a "little pompous," but Joanna always has his back (even when he's taking a fashion risk). "He competes with the view," Joanna wrote on this sceneic shot. "Man bun, tube socks, adult onesie and all... He still looks mighty fine to me."

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When They Were An Actual Dream Team

“Somehow the cards we're dealt and Jo and I love to work together,” Chip told PEOPLE in October. “We love to be together, but we joke to some of our friends that if we hadn’t gotten so lucky we probably would have killed each other by now.”

Joanna added, “We’re passionate about what we do, we love the business of home and we really like each other.”

One, two, three, awwwww.

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When They Totally Had Eachother's Backs

After 14 years of marriage, these two are still getting goofy together, occasionally even jamming out to Drake.

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When They Rocked Matching Onesies

Joanna Gaines Instagram

2017 got off to a very casual start for the Fixer Upper stars, who proudly rang in the new year wearing adult onesies, because cocktail attire was so 2016.

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When They Established Date Nights (and Then Kept It Up)

Joanna Gaines Instagram

They’ve got a standing date every Tuesday night. “We tend to frequent our local holes-in-the-wall for street tacos and queso,” Joanna told PEOPLE in June. “After dinner we get ice cream and drive around Waco to go down memory lane and visit our old stomping grounds.”

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When Chip Took One for the Team

Joanna Gaines Instagram

For better or worse, these two always find a way to make it through the hairy times. “Chip loves to tweeze my gray hairs (I know I know not good but sometimes you just gotta do it),” she said of this photo of her husband lending a helping hand (and a sharp eye).

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When They Couldn't Master the Art of the Selfie

Joanna Gaines Instagram

“Selfies aren’t our strong suit,” Joanna noted of her collage of the couple letting their true selves shine.

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When They Admitted Things Aren't Always as Perfect as They Seem

“Every now and then there are times when we notice we’re getting off track and have to regroup,” Chip told PEOPLE. “But it’s like everything we care about, everything that’s important to us — we know it’s going to require work.”

He added, “Jo and I both made a commitment pretty early on that the two of us are the most important variable,” says Chip. “If we can figure out how to be right as a couple, then obviously we a have a lot better opportunity to be right for our kids.”

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When Joanna Made This Aww-Worthy Shoutout

Joanna Gaines Instagram

“Today I am extra grateful for the man who continually pushes me to dream. Big,” Joanna said of her hubs during the couple’s Silobration event at Magnolia Market at the Silos in their hometown of Waco, Texas. “Your support and leadership challenges me to think beyond what’s possible.”

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When a Simple Quote Said It All

Chip Gaines Instagram

Chip used a sweet Walt Whitman sentiment in a Valentine’s Day ode to his wife. “We were together. I forgot the rest,” he captioned this shot.

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When Chip Channeled Tom

Joanna Gaines Instagram

“Chip feelin’ all Tom Cruise in his white T-Shirt singing ‘Take My Breath Away,’” Joanna wrote on this video of Chip showing off some pretty slick moves (her nonstop giggles make us think she’s OK with it). “This is what happens when you film in the Texas heat all day every day.”

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When They Left Fixer Upper for All the Right Reasons

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 2.05.32 PM
Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Although the couple is grateful for their tenure on HGTV, Chip and Joanna are looking forward to focusing on their family. “Our beautiful children are growing up so quickly,” Joanna said in a video on their website. “I think the idea that we get to kind of step back and get a fresh vision, get some rest, but also just hunker down with our kiddos.”

But Chip promised this won’t be the least we’ll see of the famous fixer uppers. “We believe in our hearts that we’re going to see you again right around the corner,” he added.

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