By Mackenzie Schmidt
September 12, 2017 03:11 PM

The Gee Family, known to their many social media followers as The Bucket List Family, signed on to spend a full month inside the Disney World Resort in Orlando in mid August. Twenty four days into their epic stay, Hurricane Irma barreled down on the Florida Park.

“We are bunkering down and staying in Orlando. @Waltdisneyworld has been incredibly hospitable and caring to our family and all other guests,” the family wrote in a post on Instagram on Friday. “So for now, our #30stays30days project is being put on hold so everyone involved can prioritize the well being of their families and homes. Please stay safe and focus on what matters most, your family and loved ones. We hope you will keep in touch and stay safe.”

Disney World’s theme parks and water parks closed early Saturday night and would remain closed on Sunday and Monday, marking the first time in it’s history the park has closed for two consecutive days, and the fifth time it has closed its gates since opening in 1971, all in anticipation of hurricanes. Hurricane Matthew forced it to close last October.

Tech entrepreneur Garrett and his wife Jessica, assured followers that they and their children, Dorothy and Manilla, were safe, posting a video to their YouTube channel ahead of the storm. “We were cruising along and then boom, Irma’s coming,” Garret says in part four of their Disney-sponsored video series. “It’s looking pretty stormy already,” he notes in the clip filmed Saturday night.

“Disney has their own generators, water supply, food supply, so we’re really in good hands,” Jessica adds in the post.

Irma was scheduled to hit Orlando on Sunday at 8p.m., according to Jessica, but ended up passing the city by to the west early Monday morning after being downgraded to a Category 1 storm.

The family weathered the storm at Disney’s high-end Beach Club resort, and came through without issue. Now, their biggest obstacle is a bit of cabin fever.

“48 hrs indoors hunkered away from #hurricaneirma. @manillagee has even began to grow facial hair,” they wrote in an Instagram post showing their son sporting a faux pirate beard. Other choice indoor activities included both kids fitting inside a single pillowcase, as encouraged by dad Garrett.

Jessica also posted a thank you message to the resort staff under sunny skies on Tuesday.

The Gee’s month of mouse-fueled magic is part of a promotion known as 30 Stays in 30 Days, during which the family stays in a different Disney hotel every night and takes part in every experience the 40-square-mile park has to offer. Taking the storm delay into account, they should complete their vacation next week.