Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian West was robbed on October 3, is not really a hotel at all. It’s one of the world’s most exclusive private “hotel-residences,” and is available only to hand-selected A-listers too private for any hotel.

The property known as No Address Hotel (which in reality does have an address: 7 Rue Tronchet) is a historic private mansion, Hotel Pourtales, that was converted into luxury apartments with hotel-like accommodations in 2010. Prospective guests won’t find rooms or nightly rates on standard online booking sites, or even photos of the accommodations. Instead, those who wish to stay at the famously private property can book a stay of at least one week via a secure website that requires a passcode to access.

Kanye West has maintained a semi-permanent residence there since at least 2011, and Kardashian first visited in October of that year for West’s first fashion show. The hotel served as a staging point for his 2014 wedding to Kardashian, and the couple departed from the property the night of their pre-wedding celebration at Versailles.

Kardashian and West are not the only celebrities to have bypassed the city’s many glamorous hotels for the inconspicuous stay. Jennifer Lawrence stayed at No Address a few days before Kardashian’s arrival. Jay-Z and Beyonce used it as a home base during the European leg of his 2012 Watch The Throne tour, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince, and Madonna have also reportedly been guests.

A French blog has posted images of the rarely seen interiors online. The site also provides a description of the 1839 structure, which was built as a private home for Swiss financier-diplomat Count Alexander James Pourtales. It was later used as an insurance office for a time before the historical residence and the modern structure next door were purchased together for nearly $35 million in 2004 by French businessman and hotelier Alexandre Allard. Allard, who also owns the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris, worked with architect Anthony Béchu to create its current incarnation. The hotel is spread across the two buildings, which Béchu seamlessly connected. Two apartments are in the original mansion and seven more occupy the modern portion.

In 2013, apartment prices ranged from 1,500–2,000 euros per night for a minimum one-week stay to 15,000 euros for the same period in the premier suite known as the Sky Penthouse, according to the same blog post.

Despite a focus on privacy — the blog notes that the property is not visible from the street and can only be accessed via a private entrance in a courtyard or a car elevator — a previous guest tells PEOPLE security around the building is somewhat lacking. “The security isn’t very much. As I recall, there’s a receptionist downstairs who buzzes you through the door in the courtyard and a nightman and that’s pretty much all you see of security.”