Everyone's Obsessed With This Heated Folding Chair: 'Soccer Moms and Dads Rejoice!'

The heated folding chairs sell for $109-129

Photo: Chaheati

Summer may seem far off, but there’s another way to stay warm outdoors in the meantime — and the internet can’t get enough of it.

The Chaheati Heated Chair has recently gone viral thanks to its so-simple-it’s-brilliant concept: a heated folding chair that’ll keep you warm as you tailgate, camp, fish, or take in a sports game.

The collapsible chairs have four different heat settings so that you can find your perfect temperature, and are element-resistant, meaning they’ll keep your bottom warm rain or shine.

The product’s creator was struck with a bolt of inspiration on a cold night in November while sitting around a bonfire, according to the Chaheati website.

“On this particular night everyone (more so my wife) was warm and toasty on the front half their bodies and like blocks of ice on their back halves,” the website reads. “While watching my wife’s comical frustrations from repeatedly sitting, standing, and turning to warm up, I thought, ‘There has to be an easier, more comfortable way for everyone to have a good time.’”

And so the chairs – which provide up to six hours of heat per charge on the lithium batteries – were born.

There are currently three different models available: the original, which retails for $109, the MAXX, which sells for $119, and a special version of the MAXX featuring a mossy oak pattern, which can be yours for $129.

Upgrades on the MAXX include a larger heated surface area, and a USB port to charge your devices as you charge your chair.

Chaheati also sells heated stadium pads, and portable add-ons that can be attached to existing chairs.

The chairs have been a hit on social media among the outdoorsy crowd.

“Ummmmmmm……do we all need to get one of these for next season??? #ilikewarmbuttsandicannotlie #colddrinkwarmtush #iwantone,” one user wrote on Facebook while sharing a link to the chair in a hockey group.

Another posted the chairs and added, “Soccer moms and dads rejoice. A heated folding chair exists!”

Baseball season is coming!” one Twitter user wrote, while another reacted simply, “want and need.”

The Original Heated Chair goes for $109.99, the MAXX asks $119.99, and a camo-motif version is $129.99, all available on chaheati.com.

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