Every Single Photo You Didn't See from 'Property Brothers'' J.D. Scott's Wild Halloween Wedding

The older sibling of HGTV's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, married makeup artist Annalee Belle on Halloween

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Wedded Bliss

JD Scott Wedding on 10/31/2019Credit: Taylor Made Photography
Taylor Made Photography

HGTV personality J.D. Scott tied the knot with longtime love Annalee Belle in a vintage movie theater-themed celebration on Halloween.

The older sibling of Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott, who appears on HGTV's Brother vs. Brother and Propert Brothers: At Home, celebrated with 180 guests at a private residence in Las Vegas.

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New Couple Alert

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel attend brother J.D. Scott's wedding. Dennys Ilic

All the guests wore Halloween costumes portraying famous movie characters.

Jonathan attended with his new girlfriend, actress Zooey Deschanel. The pair, who made their relationship Instagram official in October, dressed in a couple's costume: Batman and Catwoman.

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An Entrance to Remember

jd scott and annalee belle wedding
Taylor Made Photography

Belle trotted into the wedding ceremony on the back of a black horse, whose mane was decorated with ribbons of colorful flowers.

"It was during the ceremony as I was coming up on the horse," Belle shared of the first time she laid eyes on her groom. "I just see J.D. shining like a disco ball, and then all these amazing costumes. It was just really touching that it was such a beautiful setup and everyone looked great."

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King For a Day

jd scott and annalee belle wedding
Dennys Ilic

The lucky groom took advantage of his groomsmen, including twins Drew and Jonathan, 41, who hoisted him up on a tufted velvet chaise lounge for his journey to the aisle.

"I was sprawled out and I was drinking a glass of something special," J.D. said of the grand entrance.

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A Colorful Tale

jd scott and annalee belle wedding
Dennys Ilic

Another groomsmen trailed the group carrying smoke bombs that released colorful plumes into the air behind J.D. and his attendants.

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Flawless Victory!

JD Scott wedding

The groomsmen wore costumes inspired by the video game Mortal Kombat for the ceremony.

They also seemed to stay in character, and can be seen shifting their weight and punching their fists against their palms as the game’s fighters do while they await their next move, in a video posted to Instagram.

J.D.'s suit "had 13,000 rhinestones put on it."

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The Wedding Party

jd scott and annalee belle wedding group photo
Dennys Ilic

After their "I dos," the bride and groom posed on the velvet chaise surrounded by a colorful collection of J.D.'s groomsmen and Annalee's bridesmaids.

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Under Attack!

jd scott and annalee belle wedding group photo
Dennys Ilic

The happy couple showed their goofy side in a wedding party photo.

The bride, a professional makeup artist, wore a sheer gown and flowing veil, complimented by a pastel and cream-colored bouquet and pink-tinged hair.

Her ceremony dress was the “perfect mix of classy, sexy, fierce, feminine, dreamy and daring,” she tells PEOPLE. “Anyone who sees me or knows me can tell I don’t like traditional anything.”

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Sweet Smooches

Dennys Ilic

The newlyweds looked happy in love, sharing a kiss under string lights and hanging parasols post-ceremony. The spectacular setting was dreamed up by Sophie Parrott of Marvelous Events USA.

"I have always been a hopeless romantic," J.D. told PEOPLE. "I wanted to get married my entire life, but I didn't have a lot of ideas on what I want it to look like... I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It was perfect."

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Ring Bling

jd scott and annalee belle wedding
Taylor Made Photography

Belle chose a multi-colored ring featuring rose gold detailing and a pink tourmaline after trying out several designs, stone types and sizes. Surrounding the heart-shaped center stone are 15 small aquamarine, yellow sapphire, diamond and amethyst round stones.

“We designed it to lay flat against the finger, and with a bezel set center so that it is easy to wear and won’t catch while she does hair and makeup,” jeweler Tammy Dominik, founder of The Jewel Princess, tells PEOPLE, adding that the ring is “perfect for Annalee.”

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Bat and Cat

JD Scott wedding
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

The guests' elaborate ensembles were on full display at the after-dark reception.

Jonathan, whose buff costume featured a mask with glowing eyes, met Deschanel while filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke with their respective siblings, Drew and Emily, and were spotted out on a date in September. "All I've ever wanted for my brother is for him to be happy," J.D. said of his brother's blossoming relationship. "I'm excited that he's got someone that's really great."

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Howdy, Partners

drew scott and linda phan
Dennys Ilic

Drew and his wife Linda also donned a coordinated look, dressing up as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story for the reception. Linda was also part of Annalee's wedding party and wore a short green silk dress for the ceremony before changing into her chaps.

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The Odd Couple

drew and jonathan scott
Dennys Ilic

Drew showed off his Woody costume (and Jonathan's Batman head), while Jonathan stood tall as the Dark Knight — complete with the smokey eyeliner from his previous Mortal Kombat outfit.

"As soon as we decided to do it on Halloween, we just knew we wanted costumes, but we wanted some sort of cohesion," Belle told PEOPLE of the movie character theme. "I love Halloween, it's my favorite," J.D. agreed. "So does Annalee, so it made sense."

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Brotherly Love

JD Scott wedding
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

Jonathan and Drew both gave speaches at the poolside reception.

Jonathan teared up while giving an emotional tribute at his twin's May 2018 wedding to Linda Phan, which took place shortly after his split from longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov.

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In the Halloween Spirit

JD Scott wedding
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

Drew posed with some fellow reception guests, who were dressed as Gomez and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.

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Party Time

JD Scott wedding
Courtesy septembervision/Instagram

The bride changed into a short tiered dress with floral appliques for the party, where she and her groom — who even had rhinestones on his tie! — posed with two of their costumed guests.

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Food Fight

jd scott and annalee belle wedding cake
Taylor Made Photography

It wouldn't be a wedding without some cake to the face. The lucky couple had not one but three wedding cakes, each with a unique design.

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Making the Cut

JD Scott wedding
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

One tiered creation is covered in faux film strips featuring photos of the couple, playing into the vintage movie theme.

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Practice Makes Perfect

JD Scott Annabelle Wedding

At their wedding rehearsal, the soon-to-be bride and groom were all smiles, practicing their walk down the aisle. The bride wore a baby pink long-sleeved dress and pink accessories, while the groom donned a newsboy cap and v-neck shirt.

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Twin Time!

JD Scott Annabelle Wedding
Zooey Deschanel

Jonathan, alongside Drew, appearred emotional while practicing their groomsmen duties.

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At the Altar

JD Scott Annabelle Wedding
Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel captured this candid of the couple practicing their 'I dos."

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Here Comes the Bride

JD Scott Annabelle Wedding
Zooey Deschanel

Belle practiced her walk to the altar, arm-in-arm with her smiling father.

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