Every Goofy Behind-the-Scenes Photo the Cast of 'Trading Spaces' Has Posted Teasing the Reboot

The cult-favorite show returns to TLC after 10 years this spring

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They're Ready to Trade Spaces . . . Again!


Trading Spaces officially makes it's long-awaited return to TV on April 7, but some original cast favorites (and new faces) are already giving fans a sneak peek of what's to come in the reboot. Here are their best behind-the-scenes snaps so far (like this one from a TLC panel)!

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Paige Playing Matchmaker


"It’s national Kiss a Redhead Day. So, do like @johngidding and #kissaredhead!!" host Paige Davis captioned this adorable smootch between new best buds Laurie Smith and newbie John Gidding. "Love these two!"

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They're Ready to Trade Spaces . . . Again!

Ty Pennington Instagram

Ty Pennington knows how to make his new castmates feel welcome — by sharing an ear of corn, of course. The returning carpenter chowed down with newbie Joanie Sprague.

The handywoman isn't new to reality TV, however. She was the runner up on cycle six of America’s Next Top Model.

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Besties Off Camera

Paige Davis Instagram

Host Paige Davis and designer Doug Wilson don't just hang around on set, they're also fellow crooners after hours. "Went to Brandy’s Piano Bar for the first time last night. It won’t be my last," Davis captioned her kissy face photo.

It's no surprise to find the TV host at the musical spot. She spent her down time after Trading Spaces starring as Roxy Hart in Chicago on Broadway.

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TS Time Warp


Pennington, handyman Carter Oosterhouse, and the show's cinematographer Robert Marish took a break under the signature tented carpentry station to ask where the time's gone: "It's only been 15years.." Oosterhouse captions, adding the hashtag #wegotold.

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Making New Friends

Genevieve Gorder Instagram

Designer Genevieve Gorder, who recently told PEOPLE she "built a life around this show," also took time out to make a newcomer feel welcome. Her selfie partner is Gucci model turned decorator John Gidding, who some may recognize from HGTV's Curb Appeal.

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Rolling Into Town

Paige Davis Instagram

Davis shared her first on-set photo alongside an original series regular — the iconic TS box truck.

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Forever Family


"I know we don't look like each other but we're family!" designer Vern Yip captioned a sweet photo with Pennington and original designer Laurie Smith.

While Yip has been a TV regular since the end of the show, Smith stayed out of the spotlight and focused on being a mom (see photo 10).

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New Kids on the Block

Joanie Sprague Instagram

Sprague isn't the only new carpenter on the scene: Brett Tutor, a former BMX prodigy and Air Force veteran, also joins the cast.

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#BTS Girl Power


Davis shared a group photo of the woman-powered series' crew. "These ladies are killing it in a male-dominated field," she wrote. "All these women on one episode of #tradingspaces. Work!"

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Camp Trading Spaces

Carter Oosterhouse Instagram

Davis, Yip, Smith, Pennington and OG carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor haven't gotten too haughty to share a ride on set.

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The Future of Trading Spaces


Smith brought her daughter to set while shooting an episode in Atlanta. "Bring your daughter to work day," she captioned the photo.

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Friends and Familiy


Yip and new designer Sabrina Soto brought their "beautiful clan" together for a celebration over the holidays. "Loved getting together with my Cuban sister-from-another-mother," Yip captioned the family photo.

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10-Year Reunion!

Paige Davis Instagram

The whole cast got together to film a reunion special that will also air on TLC in spring 2018. "In case you missed it, these bad a** OG Trading Spaces peeps are reunited and returning to TLC," Davis wrote alongside the group photo. "The reunion was a hoot! Can’t wait for you all to see." (Watch the first trailer here.)

Trading Spaces returns to TLC after a 10-year hiatus in spring 2018.

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