Event Planner Mindy Weiss Talks Working with Justin and Hailey Bieber, the Kardashians and More

Weiss shares what it's like to work with her famous clients, and even gives some holiday entertaining advice for everyone

Mindy Weiss
Photo: Mindy Weiss

Event designer Mindy Weiss has been the force behind nearly every awe-worthy celebrity bash of the past decade.

Ciara and Russell Wilson‘s wedding? She planned it. Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday celebration? That was her. Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower? All Weiss’s work.

The in-demand event mastermind, 60, is currently promoting her work as Shutterfly’s Event Planning & Style Partner for the company’s 20th anniversary, and she chatted with PEOPLE about what it’s like to make dreams come true for her famous clients.

Weiss, who got her start in celebrity party planning with Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields‘ 1997 wedding, says her main goal for any event is to create memories.

“I’m always trying to create an event that represents the client,” she tells PEOPLE. “I want to create their dreams — whether they’re a celebrity or not. They are telling me what they want and I’m trying to bring in their style.”

She adds, “And if it gets in a magazine, I’m beyond excited, but I don’t design knowing it’s going to be in one.”

Justin and Hailey Bieber wedding photo
Jose Villa

Among Weiss’ many creations is Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Sept. 30 wedding, which the couple planned as a second celebration following their marriage at a New York City courthouse in September 2018.

“They’re both delish, and I was just so happy with it,” Weiss tells PEOPLE. “Both of them were very present, very representative of their taste, what they wanted, the feeling, and where it was at. It was a great experience and it went so well.”

Weiss is perhaps most well-known for some of her most consistent clients, though: the Kardashian-Jenner family.

“I just love them,” she says. “I’m truly working for people that are very kind, very kind.”

Her time with the family dates all the way back to Kris and Robert Kardashian’s 1978 wedding, for which she designed the couple’s wedding invitations. In the years following, Weiss crafted Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob’s birth announcements.

“We lost touch when Kris moved to Calabasas,” Weiss says. “And it wasn’t until Kris’s 60th that Kim reached out and said, we’d love you to help us.”

Since planning the Kardashian matriarch’s celebration in 2015, Weiss has worked with the family on events like Kylie Jenner‘s daughter Stormi Webster‘s first birthday, Kylie’s 21st birthday party, Kim’s CBD-themed baby shower and the family’s joint 2018 holiday party.

“I’m just the facilitator — it’s their ideas,” she says. “They all design and their hand is in everything. They don’t care what each sister has done [before] because it’s their own event.”

Being so close to the family means Weiss collaborates with Kim’s husband Kanye West often, an experience she says has changed the way she works and thinks.

“Kanye is the most fantastic,” she says. “He pushes me to new directions and opens my eyes to things that I didn’t think I could ever do. I’m talking about genius stuff. He’s helped me in different parts of my career, like looking at things so differently, and with color combinations.”

The Jesus Is King rapper and the party planner have collaborated for multiple events, working to create a final experience that represents his vision.

“I’m so honored that he trusts me because his thoughts are so precise. Pretty much, I take an interpretation of his ideas, but it’s mostly all him,” Weiss tells PEOPLE. “When it turns out as what it would be in his eyes and how it comes to my brain and everyone’s happy, it’s such a high.”

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Instead of having a trademark or specific stamp of style, Weiss likes her work to stand out as individual each time she hosts an event.

“I pride myself on being able to do many different types of designs, not getting stuck — ‘Oh that’s a Mindy design.’ I like to be more diverse,” she says.

But, the designer does have one special touch at her events, and it’s surprisingly simple.

“My signature dish on every table or at a party is a basket of French fries because it brings everything back to reality,” Weiss says. “And you should see people fighting over the basket. It’s hysterical.”

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Not throwing a star-studded bash, but still want your event to shine? After decades in the business, Weiss has some advice to share that works for everyone.

“My biggest tip is: if you are not the type of person that can actually relax at your own party, I feel like you ruin the holidays for yourself,” she says. “So go into it knowing that you’re going to have the best time. The better time you have at your party, the better time your guests will also have.”

For the holiday season, Weiss says, you don’t have to spend big on new decor. Instead, she says it’s best to create a warm vibe with items you have around your home.

“Open your cabinets and use what you already have,” she advises. “I guarantee you there’s wedding gifts in there that you’ve never used.”

She adds, “I love and an eclectic holiday. I pull out things that I didn’t know I had and that makes it feel like home. I love going into my client’s cabinets. It’s one of my favorites.”

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