The 6-episode special series premieres on May 2 on HGTV and Discovery+

Ben and Erin Napier have made a name for themselves revitalizing their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Now, they're doing. the same for another city that has fallen on hard times.

On Home Town Takeover, premiering May 2 on HGTV, the couple head to Wetumpka, Alabama, which has been hit in recent years by everything from a rerouted highway that impacted local businesses to a devastating tornado. There, they'll renovate and revitalize 12 local businesses and homes to help get the community back on its feet.

ben and erin napier
Credit: HGTV

"We wanted to take all of the things we've learned in 12 years of historic revitalization here [in Laurel] and teach another small town," Erin, who is expecting her second baby girl in May, tells PEOPLE in one of this week's cover stories.

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They're hoping to make a big impact in a short time —they completed everything in just four months this past fall — but the Home Town stars know better than most that it takes more than a quick makeover to change a place for good.

"If you come to Laurel now, compared to 10 years ago, it is completely transformed, explains Ben. "Some people think that it's Erin and I that have done it . . ."

"But two people don't revitalize a city. You all have to work together. That's the only way," Erin adds.

ben and erin napier
Ben and Erin Napier surprise Ella Roberts
| Credit: HGTV

And while the couple are eager to give the town a big push in the right direction, their hope is that they'll inspire others to continue the work into the future.

"We wanted to say to the people of Wetumpka, 'You have carried this burden a long time. We're going to pick it up. We're going to run a few miles with it and really get you ahead, and then we're going to give it back to you,'" says Ben.

ben and erin napier
Credit: Larsen & Talbert

In addition to making over several small businesses and public spaces (including a farmer's market!), they'll also renovate the homes of a handful people in the community, like Ella Roberts (above) who have dedicated themselves to helping their neighbors and bettering their town.

"If you can help the people who are already doing the most in the community, then everything will just continue. It's a ripple effect," says Erin. "Every episode will have people in tears, because you see that when an entire community believes in a place, it can be changed."

Home Town Takeover premieres May 2 on HGTV and Discovery+.