“A lot of people’s lives are made better in Wetumpka because of her, so we need to make her life a little better too,” says Erin Napier

Erin and Ben Napier are paying it forward! 

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at this week's episode of Home Town Takeover, the HGTV stars plan a big surprise for Ella Roberts, the only female police officer in Wetumpka, Alabama — who is also a youth advocate.  

"A lot of people's lives are made better in Wetumpka because of her, so we need to make her life a little better too," Erin says in a confessional at the start of the clip.

"Becoming a police officer was my way of giving back. Back to my neighborhood, back to Wetumpka," Ella explains. "Being able to make sure that people in my community are safe, that makes me feel good." 

Singing Ella's praise, her co-worker Greg Benton adds that Ella is "not only the glue that holds this police department together, she's not only the glue that holds her family together, she's the glue that holds a lot of families together.

ben and erin napier
Ben and Erin Napier surprise Ella Roberts
| Credit: HGTV

In addition to her work as a police officer, Ella also supports the community by working with children. 

"She started an organization that in the summers teaches kids, takes care of them," Erin explains. "She's a mom to a lot of kids who may not have so much support at home." 

"Ella became a police officer because of her big heart. A lot of people get into this profession because they do want to help people. That is what drives her every day," adds her co-worker.

In order to give back to Ella, Erin and Ben decide to surprise her with her dream home renovation.

"There are five of us in the house, there's my daughter and her husband and her kids," Ella says of her current living situation. "I love cooking, especially for family and friends. I would love to have that extra space to have the big cookouts and invite everybody over." 

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"Alright here we go," Ben says as the couple arrives at Ella's home to break the news to her. "This is a nice little house. There's nothing wrong with it except for there's no personality."

"Miss Ella has no idea that we're coming over, or that we're going to renovate her home," adds Erin.

For the six-episode special series, the Napiers chose Wetumpka out of thousands of small towns that applied to receive a makeover from the HGTV stars. They're renovating 12 businesses and homes to help revitalize the town after a series of setbacks, from a highway reroute that hurt the downtown area to a recent devastating tornado.

Home Town Takeover airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV and is available to stream on Discovery+.