"We've been fans," Lindsey tells PEOPLE Now.

Although Eric and Lindsey Bennett have never met Chip and Joanna Gaines, HGTV fans are quick to make comparisons between their show Desert Flippers and the Gaineses show Fixer Upper. For one, Eric and Lindsey have that same small-town charm that comes from their Wisconsin roots, and their show features the couple’s camaraderie and insights into their family.

“We’ve been fans,” Lindsey tells PEOPLE Now of Chip and Joanna. “We’ve watched HGTV for years and we’re honored to just be even in the same arena.”

The Bennetts flipped their first home together just one month after they met, and used the money to move to California to start their own business. Over a decade later, the couple stars on their own home renovation show set in Palm Springs. However, the couple points out that part of what makes Chip and Joanna so iconic is what they’ve accomplished in building an image for Waco, Texas and putting the city on the map.

“Palm Springs has done it on its own,” Eric tells PEOPLE Now. “But for us to have the opportunity to kind of inadvertently shine the light on that community is just a thrill. I mean there’s so much going on. When all of this started we thought, ‘Well, the best thing about us is Palm Springs’ and being able to showcase that is really fun.”

DesertFlippersEric and Lindsay BennettCredit: HGTV
Credit: HGTV

In July, Lindsey told PEOPLE they were trying to adjust to their growing fame by staying grounded and faithful in their religion, but loved having Chip and Joanna as a similar pair to look up to.

“Chip and Joanna obviously are huge. As a couple, their marriage — they set a great example, so we of course aspire to be like them,” she said. “[But] we’re super comfortable in our shoes, we’re not trying to fill anybody else’s.”

“We’re just trying to do our thing,” Eric added, “but to be in that same company is crazy.”

Desert Flippers airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.