Adrian Grenier Is Remodeling an N.Y.C. Townhouse for His Mom — Here's What He's Buying

The actor is choosing products that are both stylish and sustainable

Adrian Grenier is all about the green.

The Entourage star has long been an advocate for environmental issues. He co-founded the Lonely Whale foundation — an organization dedicated to improving the world’s oceans through movements like The Strawless Ocean — and was recently named a UN Environmental Goodwill Ambassador.

Now, the 41-year-old actor is bringing his eco-friendly work back home. As he remodels a Brooklyn townhouse for his mother, Karesse, Grenier is focused on choosing features that highlight and contribute to his cause. He’s channeling his inner HGTV host for mom’s benefit (and his own — he’s building in a master suite for when he visits) and picking up products that are both chic and sustainable.

Build Presents Adrian Grenier Discussing His Nonprofit Organization Lonely Whale Foundation
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Here, the top five favorite décor pieces he has his eye on for the refreshed space:

1. TOTO Neorest


“Who would have thought that you can save the world with a toilet? But it’s true this NEOREST toilet is one of the most environmentally friendly and luxurious on the market — and is so smart it cleans itself.”

Buy it! From $10,200;

2. United by Blue Candle

United by Blue Candle LW
United by Blue

“I am a candle guy and proud of it! Mood lighting is important to a cozy environment, but I like these because they give back to the ocean.”

Buy it! $32;

3. Soda Stream


“I save money and don’t use plastic when making my own bubbly water.”

Buy it! $80;

4. Jenn Air WiFi Refrigerator


“Who wouldn’t want to text with their refrigerator?!”

Buy it! From $4,499;

5. Blue Mind by J. Nichols

Blue Mind The Surprising Science...

“I think books are essential to any home and this is a great one that talks about the importance of water for health and the environment.”

Buy it! $11;

Although he’s still in the process of designing the space from the ground up, the Devil Wears Prada actor has his signature style down pat.

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