Enerplex Pillow Deal

Side Sleepers with Insomnia and Neck Pain Found Relief with This Memory Foam Pillow (and It's Only $15 Now)

Some have deemed it "life-changing"
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If you wake up with neck pain or tension headaches, your pillow may be the culprit. A supportive pillow is crucial to achieve a good night's sleep while keeping your neck supported and spine aligned. Over 4,200 Amazon shoppers love this shredded memory foam pillow that's designed to support you in all sleeping positions — and it's on sale for $15 with a clickable coupon applied at checkout. 

Shredded memory foam pillows like this one take the best parts of down and memory foam pillows and combine them into one, as they're both supportive and breathable. The Enerplex Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow adjusts to the curve of your body without sinking throughout the night. Its soft cover is derived from cooling bamboo for sweat-free nights, while the polyfill foam filling offers neck support and provides more airflow than solid foam. 

The pillow comes in queen and king sizes and supports all sleeping positions, no matter if you toss and turn from your back to your stomach and then your side. The pillow has a zipper and comes with extra filling, so you can add or take out foam as needed. It's even machine-washable for easy maintenance without changing its shape.

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Side sleepers and shoppers with insomnia, neck pain, and tension headaches love this pillow, saying it ultimately improved their sleep quality. "I'm not over exaggerating when I say life changing," one shopper with insomnia said, while another said the pillow never lost its shape or firmness after a year of use. They also said that they no longer have neck and back pain and now get eight to 10 hours of sleep each night. 

"For years I survived on less than six hours of sleep because of neck pain," a different shopper wrote. "I have purchased dozens of pillows (including a chiropractic pillow) and four mattresses over the past fifteen years without relief… I have had this pillow for about three weeks and I am amazed. I added additional foam (included with the pillow) and later removed foam before getting the right fit for me. I am sleeping great now. This pillow is worth much more to me than what I paid for it."

Another reviewer said, "Most comfortable pillow I've ever owned. I had cervical fusion surgery some years ago, and have had neck and shoulder pain ever since, making it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. This pillow supports my head and neck better than any I've [ever] used. Love it."

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