The actress shows off her colorful bungalow

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated July 19, 2016 01:28 PM

Elisabeth Röhm decorated her 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom Venice, Calif. bungalow “with a lot of color and a carefree attitude.”

“I’ve always decorated my houses to feel like if you tracked sand through them, you’d be comfortable,” the Joy star, 42, tells PEOPLE. “And I always seem to live near the ocean, so sand being tracked into the living room is always part of the equation.”

Her eclectic beach house that she shares with her daughter Easton, 8, is full of color – yellow, pink and peach provide the dominant palettes, but her rooms also feature pops of purples and teals.

“Nothing matches and everything feels whimsical and sort of offbeat,” says Röhm. “It’s just very casual, very relaxed, and just very bright and happy. I thought that that would be happy environment, to be surrounded by so much color.”

Credit: Brinson+Banks

Finding the right furniture was a process that Röhm took her time with.

“Choosing the furniture was kind of like choosing the house,” she says. “I wanted something that was very comfortable for everybody. The decorating was spontaneous, like, ‘Let’s change this now! Let’s buy this blue chair now!’ A lot of what we picked was done moment-to-moment, when you fell in love with something traveling, or there was just a perfect lamp.”

One of her favorite pieces is the plush blue couch in her living room.

“The couch feels luxurious, but kids actually jump up and down on it,” she says. “There isn’t a sense of preciousness.”

The house is also filled with crystals thanks to Easton’s affinity for them.

“Those are very, very much a part of the house because of my daughter who loves crystals and magic,” says Röhm.

Röhm’s favorite feature of her “perfect teacup full of color” is its proximity to the beach.

“I love coming home at the end of a long day and just smelling the ocean,” she says. “There’s something very calming about it for me.”

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