March 26, 2018 03:54 PM


The Portuguese airline TAP has apologized after it was forced to cancel a flight between Stuttgart, Germany, and Lisbon, when they discovered the co-pilot was drunk.

An airport staffer alerted security after observing that the man, 40, was stumbling and smelled of alcohol, according to reporting from the Associated Press. Security made the call to ground the plane, which was meant to depart on the evening of March 23.

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When one passenger called the airline out on Twitter, they replied that the flight “was canceled due to the pilot’s incapacity,” and that they “will go through an internal investigation process and act accordingly, taking the necessary and consequent measures.”

Pascal Pavani/Getty

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The 106 passengers scheduled to be on board were given hotel vouchers and put on a new flight that would not leave until March 26, according to German news outlet DPA.

TAP tweeted in reply to another passenger that this was “at the moment, the first day with seats available.”

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