'Property Brothers'' Jonathan Scott Dishes on Drew's Wedding: Bachelor Party Plans, a Multicultural Ceremony and More!

Property Brothers Drew Scott may have landed a pretty fabulous fiancé, but his twin brother Jonathan says he’s still the bigger ladies’ man.

“Drew, when we were in our 20s was so awkward, it was like watching a Ben Stiller movie,” Jonathan, 38 jokes. “He’ll claim he’s better because he has a fiancé, he locked that down, but I think I’m still probably a little smoother.”

Drew’s upcoming nuptials with fiancé Linda Phan (and best man duties in particular) are still a hot button topic in the Scott house.

“He claims he might do two best men and have J.D. and myself,” he says of the big day, which Drew told PEOPLE in December is most likely going to be a destination affair. Jonathan also mentions that Drew and Linda plan to combine the brothers’ Scottish heritage with Chinese traditions to celebrate Linda’s culture.

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“He’s thinking they’re going to blend their cultures,” Jonathan says. “So he’s thinking all of the bridesmaids and her will be in traditional Chinese attire, and all of us will be in kilts.”

Another important wedding milestone that’s yet to be determined: “We have not discussed bachelor party plans, although I know it’s going to be something extreme, Drew is an adrenaline junky,” he says. “There will have to be some sort of physical activity of some kind.”

For the full twin tell all, watch the video above.

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