Drew Scott Tears Up Recalling Struggle to Become an Actor: When 'You Want It So Bad and You Fail, It Crushes You'

"His spirit was just beaten and broken," recalls twin brother Jonathan

Don’t stop Drew Scott!

The Property Brothers star, 39, is climbing the ranks on Dancing with the Stars, but during last night’s “Most Memorable Year” episode, he revealed that transforming into an HGTV success was far from his easiest makeover.

Chatting with his partner Emma Slater, Drew recalls 2007 as the “year that changed my life, just not the way I expected.”

“Jonathan and I had built up this successful real estate company and everything was great, but I kind of felt like I was living my B plan,” he explains. “My true goal was to be an actor, was to be on TV. I wanted nothing more. So I decided to go all in, no excuses, put all the real estate aside, and I moved to Vancouver.”


With a strong family support system and plenty of determination, Drew admits that, “it wasn’t even in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t succeed.” But although he had put in his all, “It didn’t pay off.”

“When you have a dream in mind and you want it so bad and you fail, it crushes you,” Drew says getting visibly choked up. “It just crushes you.”

His twin and costar, Jonathan, adds, “Seeing Drew, my identical twin brother, struggling. It was heartbreaking, I mean his spirit was just beaten and broken.”

It was then that Drew remembered advice from his dad, Jim: “He said, ‘If someone ever says you can’t do something, find five ways to do it.’ And I thought, what if I can combine these two passions of mine, real estate and TV?”


From there, he and Jonathan created the Property Brothers franchise, which became the launching pad for their popular TV spinoffs, furniture lines, books and a production company.

“What I’ve learned is, there’s not just one way to achieve a goal,” Drew says. “There can be obstacles along the way and it’s how you learn from that that will really make you a success.”

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To celebrate his rise to the top, he and Slater chose “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen as the tune for their jive routine. “Because you cant stop me now,” he says.

For the full routine (including a cameo from Jonathan!) watch the video above.

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