Drew Scott's Fiancee Linda Phan Admits She Has Doubts 'Every Single Day' About Her Impending HGTV Fame

"I'm definitely still not used to it," Phan says

Drew and Jonathan Scott are pros when it comes to being in front of the camera, but Drew’s fiancée Linda Phan isn’t quite as enthusiastic about life in the spotlight.

As the creative director of the 39-year-old twins’ production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, Phan has been involved in the creation of their hit HGTV shows for almost a decade. Over the years, she’s even made a handful of on-screen appearances. But the new Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, premiering November 22, will be the first time Phan will star in a series alongside Jonathan and Drew — a decision she says she has reservations about “every single day.”

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“I’m definitely still not used to it,” she tells PEOPLE of the project, which documents the remodel of her and Drew’s new home in Los Angeles. “But working with Drew and Jonathan for the past seven years — they make everything so easy, and make everyone feel so comfortable. So I really did feel right at home.”

When it came to making room for his “property sister,” Jonathan says it was “an absolute pleasure” to have Phan along for the ride.

“I really considered Linda not just a sister-in-law, but part of the design team,” he says. “It was a pretty easy process. And we all have the same ridiculous sense of humor, so I’m amazed we got any work done. We pretty much laughed nonstop.”

Drew, however, was relieved he and Linda survived the reno process in general — a feat for any couple.

“I was actually nervous at first, having Linda come in. I know she has an architectural design background but we’ve never actually designed a house together,” he says. “I was wondering how we were going to mesh. Were we going to butt heads too much?” In the end, he says, “I was blown away by Linda’s ideas.”

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There was one hotly debated design choice, though, that Jonathan won’t let the two get away with hiding.

“I was working on the third level one day, and Drew and Linda were down at the second level where the master bedroom is,” he says. “I overheard the conversation they were having. They were negotiating how much room each of them will get in the master closet, and Drew was negotiating her down to 30%!”

“My clothes are three times the size,” Drew reasons. “So it only makes sense.”

Property Brothers: Drew’s Honeymoon House premieres November 22 at 9:00 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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