Drew and Jonathan Scott's Second Kids' Book Is Here — and It's Based on Their Real Childhood

"Jonathan and I have achieved much more as a duo than we ever could have on our own," Drew says. "We want to help kids see how important it is to stick together and be there for one another." 

Drew and Jonathan Scott
Photo: Harper Collins/ HGTV

The Builder Brothers are back!

Drew and Jonathan Scott’s second children’s book — and the second in their Builder Brothers series — debuted on Tuesday with HarperCollins, titled Builder Brothers: Better Together. It’s a sequel to Builder Brothers: Big Plans, which was released in October 2018.

PEOPLE spoke to the Property Brothers stars, both 41 — whose memoir It Takes Two: Our Story was a New York Times bestseller in 2017— about their latest release, which they say was inspired by their own childhood in Canada.

“Like our first book, Builder Brothers: Big Plans, this book draws from our experiences growing up,” Drew says. “There was always a bit (or a lot!) of brotherly competition between us, which pushed us to be better, just like the brothers in the book.”

“We really enjoyed reminiscing about our childhood while writing this book,” Jonathan agrees. “Writing books like this means that we get to hold onto those memories even longer, and seeing these brothers come to life is fun for us.”

The new story follows young Drew and Jonathan as they set out to compete in their town’s soap box derby. Though the brothers normally do everything together, they can’t agree on how to best build a race car, so they decide to work separately and build their own.

Without revealing any spoilers, it’s safe to say that the moral of the story is “teamwork makes the dream work,” and when you work together, you’re always better. Like in Big Plans, Better Together also includes instructions for a kid-friendly DIY project at the end!

Just like in the book, the brothers admit that they have had some stubborn moments which have torn them apart at times, though never for long.

“In ninth grade, we had a business selling these little personal security devices,” Drew remembers. “We sold out of our first round of 50 units in a day. I knew it was a one-and-done venture — we’d saturated the market, after all. But Jonathan was positive that I was wrong, so he ordered a couple hundred more devices (against my better judgment). He learned a tough lesson when he realized that I was indeed correct and that he wasn’t on the fast-track to becoming a self-made, personal security billionaire.”

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No matter their differences, the Emmy-nominated brothers credit sticking together for the success they have achieved, something they want to convey to kids today.

“Jonathan and I have achieved much more as a duo than we ever could have on our own,” Drew says. “We want to help kids see how important it is to stick together and be there for one another.”

“We also want to inspire more families to read together!” Jonathan adds.

Can’t get enough of cartoon Jonathan and Drew? Fear not: “It’s safe to say the Builder Brothers have more adventures ahead!” teases Drew.

Builder Brothers: Better Together ($17.99) is available now in bookstores and online.

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