Drew and Jonathan Scott Want Lorne Michaels to Let Them Host' SNL' : 'It Would Be the Most Fun'

The Property Brothers take…Saturday Night Live?

Drew and Jonathan Scott stopped by PEOPLE Now to chat about Drew’s upcoming wedding to Linda Phan, his bachelor party plans and the next show the 38-year-old twins would like to star on.

“I’m putting this out there, I give Lorne [Michaels] 12 months to have us on there to host SNL,” Jonathan Scott says. “I think it would be the most fun.”

The HGTV stars say they’d be right at home on the series, as they have “a lot of friends who are on the cast,” including Leslie Jones who recently approached them with her renovation plans when they attended an SNL taping.

“She was like ‘oh, good to see you guys,’ and then out of nowhere almost like a sword she pulled out her plans,” Drew says.

The brothers are eager to star on the comedy series for more than just laughs, though.

“With our improv background, we used to do sketch improve and standup, that’s the next thing I’d love to do,” Drew says.

Although Jones’ presentation of her blueprints was somewhat unexpected, she’s not the only celeb who has sought help from the contractor/real estate agent duo.

“I’d say at least once a week we have a major celebrity from Hollywood or musician or somebody reach out who wants us to do a renovation,” Jonathan says.

And there’s one A-lister who’s praise was definitely mutual for the brothers.

“We were doing the Today Show and I remember we were coming off from co-hosting and Russell Crowe walks by and he stops and is like, ‘I have to say, I’m a big fan of the show,’” Jonathan says. “We both turned around and were like four-year-old girls and were like, “Oh my God, Gladiator likes the show!’”

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