Drew and Jonathan Scott Surprise Their Parents with a Vow Renewal in Scotland: See All the Sweet Ceremony Photos

See the exclusive photos from the kilt-filled ceremony

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It's a Scott Family Affair!

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Drew and Jonathan Scott’s family vacation will make your heart melt.

The 39-year-old twins and their older brother J.D. surprised their dad, Jim, and mom, Joanne, with a trip to Scotland for their 51st wedding anniversary. Once on the kilt-filled vacation, the Scotts — along with Drew’s fiancée Linda Phan, Jonathan’s longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov and J.D.'s girlfriend makeup artist Annalee Belle — the HGTV stars orchestrated an elaborate vow renewal to celebrate their parents’ meaningful milestone.

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Getting Goofy

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“They had originally eloped, so they never had a real wedding,” Jonathan explained recently on a Facebook Live of why they decided to plan the trip.

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Scott Shock

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The ceremony was held at St. Kentigern's Church. Although only ruins of the building remain now, it was once a beautiful stop where William Wallace (also known as the real-life Braveheart) married his wife, Marion Braidfute.

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Kiss and Tell

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Because Jim was born in Scotland and the crew still has quite a few family members there, it seemed the perfect spot for the couple to recommit in front of their children.

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Memory Lane

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The family has always been close-knit and hardworking. After selling the business they started at age 7, Drew and Jonathan were the definition of mini moguls and even once had to help their parents out with a financial snag when their credit cards were frozen during a trip to (yes) Scotland. "We had to float our parents for a week until their new credit cards arrived,” Jonathan told PEOPLE.

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Happy Couple

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Parents Jim and Joanne certainly had their hands full with their brood. "Those two were into everything," Jim told PEOPLE of raising the three boys.

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Special Ceremony

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J.D. appears to have officiated the ceremony as his parents celebrate 51 years together.

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OGs of the PBs

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The original Scott family clan poses for a group photo. "If I had to picture what a joyous life is, it would be working with my family [and] having a beautiful partner who supports me and has her own passions,” Jonathan told PEOPLE in May.

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Couple Bliss

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Jonathan and Kuznetsov almost look like newlyweds themselves! “This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life,” Jonathan recently told PEOPLE. "I've never been happier."

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Smiling Selfie

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Drew told PEOPLE in April that he and Phan might also have their wedding in Scotland, although Jonathan jokes, “The challenge is they can’t find a resort big enough, because Linda has fourteen bridesmaids.”

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