"The producer thought I looked a little more brawny," Drew reveals

Can you imagine a world in which Drew Scott swings a sledgehammer and Jonathan Scott sports a suit? It almost happened!

“Little-known fact: I was originally cast as the contractor on Property Brothers, and Jonathan was supposed to be the real estate agent,” Drew reveals in the 39-year-old twins’ new memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story, which has already hit the New York Times best-sellers list after being on sale for just 10 days. “The producer thought I looked a little more brawny, and as Jonathan was the broker for our company, they thought he was more the suit guy.”

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Although he wasn’t a licensed contractor and Jonathan hadn’t been in the home-selling game as long as Drew, the two went along with the network’s first impressions. “We thought this was a great opportunity and didn’t want to rock the boat, so didn’t challenge them on it,” Drew explains.

After Drew clarified their résumés, they almost immediately “swapped the roles to maintain authenticity,” he says. “I can safely say that even though I am very competent with the hands-on side of renovations, the show would not have seen the same success without Jonathan in that role.”

Experience on a job site aside, Drew is grateful things were set straight for another important reason (hint: it has to do with his 180 pairs shoes).

“I still cringe at the thought that I could have been spending every day of the past eight years on a dirty, dusty construction site,” he says. “Yuck.”

For more details on the ups and downs of the Scotts’ rise to fame, pick up It Takes Two: Our Story.