Dreo oscillating tower fan

Amazon Shoppers Say This $80 Tower Fan 'Blew So Cold' They Actually Had to Turn It Off

People say it cools down entire spaces “within 10 minutes”
By Sanah Faroke
July 22, 2021 09:00 PM
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Hot, summery days are in full swing, and temperatures aren't expected to let up anytime soon. Instead of sweating non-stop, you'll likely opt for a cooling fan or portable air conditioner that'll solve most of your heat-inducing worries. However, if you're on a budget and want something that'll cool the entire space in minutes, go with the Dreo 90°Oscillating Tower Fan, which is just $80 on Amazon.

Simply put, the Dreo standing fan is a cost-effective way to keep cool while lounging at home. The price alone is pretty impressive, but its cooling and easy-to-use functions are what make it worth adding to your cart. And over 5,400 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the fact that it blows actual cold air. Bonus? Multiple reviewers confirm that the fan cools down entire spaces "within 10 minutes."

Buy It! Dreo 90°Oscillating Tower Fan, $79.99; amazon.com

That chill factor is definitely a big selling point, and is made possible thanks to four fan speeds that blast cold air throughout the whole room via its 90-degree oscillating design. And because everyone likes to customize their cooling experience, the fan is also designed with three pre-programmed modes: normal for everyday use, natural for a breeze-like experience, and sleep mode that keeps things ultra quiet. Reviewers even say the sleep mode is so quiet, "you barely hear anything."

Unlike other standing fans, this one from Dreo comes with a remote control that reviewers definitely appreciate. After all, who wants to roll out of bed to adjust the fan anyway?

In addition to its convenient remote controller, the cooling tower fan has a sleek LED display on top that displays everything from fan speeds to even the temperature. And if you're the kind of person who plans to keep the fan on constantly — or forget to turn it off —  you'll appreciate that the Dreo remote tower fan not only has a timer that extends up to 12 hours, but an auto/off setting, too. 

Shoppers all around the country from Arizona to California are big fans of this fan, saying that it goes "beyond [their] expectations."

"This fan works so well, we actually have to turn it off cause we're COLD!" writes one Amazon shopper. "This fan has so many settings and things that it can do, however, I usually just hit AUTO and let it go. This setting takes it to the temp in the house. The fan blew so cold that we had to turn it off. I was amazed at what this little fan could do."

Another reviewer, who titled their review, "DREO understood the assignment!" writes, "It has just the power I need. You can actually tell the difference in all four speeds, but each gives you just the right flow. My favorite thing about this fan, [is that] the AIR BLOWS SO COOL!!!!! This is what I call a fan! As soon as I turned it on, I felt the difference." 

Curious how cool the Dreo tower fan can be? Shop the $80 standing fan on Amazon now, and prepare to have a super chill summer. 

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