This Adorable DIY Flamingo Is the Key to a Next-Level Gallery Wall

Here's a sentence you've probably never heard before: Pink lawn flamingos are super chic.

Here’s a sentence you’ve probably never heard before: Lawn flamingos are super chic.

Okay, so the off-the-shelf appearance of these kitschy, hot-pink ornaments is admittedly far from sophisticated. But with a little DIY makeover dreamed up by the creative folks at online crafting mecca Darby Smart, you’ll be desperate to bring these guys indoors.

It’s the perfect project for anyone who loves the look of a wall-mounted animal menagerie, but isn’t so keen on the inclusion of actual animals. A quick (cruelty-free!) hacking off of a plastic head and a touch of white spray paint immediately transform your fine feathered friend into a minimalist art piece. Add a touch of gold on the beak and a simple plaque for mounting, and you have a glamorous addition to your art wall or a standalone stunner above the mantel.

This simple how-to video and the supply list below are all you need to turn an ugly duckling, er, flamingo, into a gorgeous display-worthy swan.

Supply List:

(1) Foam Brush

(1) White Spray Paint

(1) Wooden Plaque

(1) White Acrylic Paint

(1) Gold Paint Pen, Medium Tip

(1) Black Paint Pen, Fine Tip

(1) Foam Board

(1) X-acto Knife

(1) Angled Cutting Tool

(1) Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

(1) Garden Flamingo

Obsessed with this DIY? Darby Smart just introduced a free app filled with way more where that came from.

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