Make Your Christmas Tree Magical with These DIY Ideas

Unicorn Tree - tout
Photo: Courtesy Mr. Kate

It’s the most magical time of the year.

While classic Christmas trees exude a comforting holiday touch, it can be equally as cheery to choose a version that has a bit more personality than the standard evergreen. Case in point: this whimsical unicorn tree from lifestyle site Mr. Kate that’s perfect for kids (or just the kid at heart).

The starting point of this pretty project is a thin, rose gold artificial tree that’s ideal for tight spaces. While this unusual stunner can make a statement on its color alone, the mini DIYs — most of which you can make using materials found at Marshalls — that make up its branches amp up the fun factor.

Unicorn Tree - 2
Courtesy Mr. Kate

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To spruce up simple string lights so they bare a likeness to the fictional animal, hot-glue a variety of white feathers onto the wire (Mr. Kate suggests using an LED option, as they are cooler and won’t melt the glue). Next, use temporary tattoos (or a paint pen like we do here!) to give plain ornaments a fairytale boost. Plain baubles can also be transformed into shimmering showstoppers with a little spray adhesive on their exteriors and a heavy douse of iridescent glitter. Or, for a less messy route, simply use a funnel to pour the glitter into the inside of a clear ornament.

Unicorn Tree - 3
Courtesy Mr. Kate

Once the basic decorations are taken care of, it’s time to add the obvious finishing touch: a unicorn horn tree topper! Simply wrap a few strands of lights around the horn of your choice and attach to your highest branch for a display that still captures the spirit of the season without sacrificing any style.

For the full tutorials for each of these easy DIYs, visit Mr. Kate.

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