See Martha Stewarts step-by-step guide on how to make the DIY craft

Credit: Martha Stewart Living/Addie Juell

These aren’t your mom’s cotton spiderwebs!

For some truly creepy Halloween decor, go all out with this downright haunting craft from the DIY master herself, Martha Stewart. Our favorite clever — and surprisingly straightforward — creation is this haunted mirror with ghost hands, featured in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, which is also published by PEOPLE’s parent company. Simply use their template or make your own using only a photocopier (and a friend).

See Martha’s step-by-step guide on how to make the DIY craft below.

Credit: Martha Stewart Living

1. Measure the height and width of the mirror you want to cover. Head to your local copy shop and give them the template file (downloadable here) and mirror measurements. Tell them you want to have the image in the file printed on removable clear vinyl adhesive to the size of your mirror. (FedEx Office can create these for from $78 per square foot.)

2. At home, place the printout on the mirror, framing the ghostly hands image in a pleasing way. Trace around it and cut it out, then adhere according to the instructions and trim with a craft knife as needed.

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3. If you prefer to craft one from scratch: Photocopy your hands (have a friend press the button), scan the printout, and take the scanned file to the copy shop to be printed on removable clear vinyl adhesive. Or photocopy each hand separately onto clear sticker paper and piece together your macabre masterpiece.

For more spooky Halloween crafts, pick up Martha Stewart Living‘s October issue.