The actress recently launched a podcast titled Dirty Diana 

By Ally Mauch
Updated July 15, 2020 05:31 PM

When Demi Moore shared a photo of her recording her new erotic podcast, fans quickly began asking questions, not about the podcast itself, but about why she was in her bathroom — and why that bathroom looks so unusual.

The intriguing space originally caught fans' eyes in an Instagram post shared by Moore, that shows the actress sitting on a small sofa covered in a faded floral fabric surrounded by honey-colored cabinetry-a rustic tone wall, a toilet, some dated brown carpeting, and a several intriguing tchotchkes.

During a Tuesday evening remote appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress answered her followers burning questions, sharing that the carpeting was originally a choice made by her ex-hsuband Bruce Willis for their home in Hailey, Idaho.

"This is the house that my children grew up in and that, originally, was a Bruce Willis choice,” Moore, 57, told Meyers. “Not to put it off on him. We also live in the mountains where it gets very cold. So, it's never bothered me. It's actually quite good."

"But I appreciate the interest that has gone into all of my little oddities. Because this place definitely houses a lot of my treasures," she added. "And I have had some big laughs over the comments with my family who know me well, of all of my eccentricities, small and large."

Moore also addressed the couch in the bathroom, sharing that it was brought into the space because the room happened to have the best acoustics for recording.

"The couch is not normally in my bathroom. I had to move all that in because we were doing the podcast and we had to find the place for the best sound," she explained. "So, I did a test in my closet, I did it in various places. What came back is that the bathroom had the best sound."

"So, I was there for many hours a day, but I couldn't bring full-sized furniture in. This little miniature couch is something I made for my children long ago and so I just whipped this baby in there," Moore continued, speaking to Meyers from the couch in question.

The first episode of the podcast, Dirty Diana, premiered Monday. Moore stars and serves as executive producer on the six-episode series.

“There’s so much unspoken shame attached to our sexuality,” she told Vogue of the project earlier this week. “It's this conditioning telling us that it's only okay for us to desire sex if it's for the purpose of procreation or if it's somebody that we intend to be with for the rest of our lives. Even though we're modern women who can feel that we are more liberated, it's still this undercurrent. [Dirty Diana] was so sex-positive. I was in.”