WATCH: Deion Sanders Gets a Tricked Out Lakeside Home on 'Tiny House Nation'

The football hall-of-famer and Extra host Tracey Edmonds build a unique retreat on the FYI channel

Deion Sanders is thinking small. Very small.

The football hall-of-famer, 49, and his girlfriend and Extra host Tracey Edmonds strayed far from the typical lake house when they decided to build a getaway to escape their busy schedules. For one, there is no body of water. (The couple are planning a man-made version to be added soon.) And instead of a palatial estate like their 7,000-square-foot Dallas mansion, they opted for a build just big enough for two — and turned to FYI’s Tiny House Nation to help create the 600-square-foot home.

In an exclusive clip from the episode, the construction for the power couple’s small space (and their “future lake,” according to Edmonds, 49) is well underway. Despite complying with designer Zack Giffin’s mantra that, “every house should have a rooftop deck,” both Edmonds and Sanders have a few outstanding amenities to add to the initial design.

“I usually fish with four poles, and a couple boxes full of lures and everything so I’m going to need somewhere to store all of that,” Sanders says. Another ask is a bit more unusual: “Any way that, in the ground, they can put a foot massager?” asks Sanders.

Edmonds throws one over-the-top request in the ring, too. “Is there any little area that you can create, you know how they do in hotels, with snacks and stuff?” she asks. While host John Weisbarth seems up for the job, Giffin seems less convinced.

“John’s a little out of control here,” Giffin laments. However, he remains dedicated to “making this house as amazing as possible.”

Will Sanders and Edmonds get the home of their tiny house dreams? Tune in to the premiere of Tiny House Nation on January 21 at 9:00 p.m. EST on FYI to find out.

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