Hooks & Lattice
December 13, 2017 12:53 PM

Eco-friendly entertaining expert Danny Seo is all about using what you have to make your home a festive (and earthy friendly) holiday wonderland.

Rather than buying new disposable decor each season, he suggests getting creative with a few simple supplies you probably already have in your kitchen, junk drawer and craft box. Who knew your leftover chopsticks from Chinese takeout could become a gorgeous ornament?

Here are three of his foolproof DIY ideas for decorating a fresh or faux wreath (Seo recommends the Merrywood Artificial Wreath from Hooks & Lattice) with everyday objects.




Greenery Wreath

1.5″ Circle Hole Punch or Scissors

Old Christmas Cards (We all have some stashed away!) 

Ornament Hooks

Twine, Ribbon, or Raffia 

Directions: Use a 1.5″ circle hole punch or scissors to cut out circles from the decorative fronts of last year’s holiday cards. Make a tiny hole at the top of each cutout, then use ornament hooks to hang them all over the front of the wreath. Use twine, ribbon or raffia to make decorative bows to cover the hooks.

Hooks & Lattice



Greenery Wreath

Spray Adhesive or Glue 

Small Paintbrush

Kosher Salt

Directions: Working in small sections, use spray adhesive or white glue and a small paint brush to coat the wreath. Sprinkle generously with kosher salt, which has big flakes that look like ice crystals. The closer you shake the box of salt to the wreath, the thicker the coating will be. Eco-friendly tip: Lay a piece of cardboard under the wreath to catch the excess salt, then reapply that salt to the wreath to reduce waste.

Hooks & Lattice



Greenery Wreath

Wooden Chopsticks

Peppermint Candy

Glue Gun


Fishing line

Directions: Arrange about 10 disposable chopsticks into a starburst shape and use a glue gun to attach them. Cut a 2.5″ circle out of cardboard and attach the star to the circle. Cut about five more chopsticks into shorter, irregular length pieces. Arrange into a star and glue. Cut out a 1.5″ cardboard circle and attach the smaller star. Place the small star on top of the large one. Arrange the points so they fill in any empty spaces and glue it down. Glue a peppermint candy in the middle of the top star to hide where the two stars meet and to cover any of the visible cardboard. Attach the starburst onto the wreath using clear fishing line.

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