Amazon cozy cabin decor

This Hidden Amazon Section Is Packed with Rustic Decor That Will Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Cabin

Prices start at $11
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As the leaves change color and the weather cools down, heading to a cozy cabin up in the mountains is a great way to enjoy the season. But if you can't book a fall getaway, you can bring the warm atmosphere of a rustic cabin right to your home, thanks to a secret section at Amazon.

The retailer's Cozy Cabin page is packed with more than 100 decor pieces inspired by the inviting feel of a woodsy home —  and prices start at just $11. Between rustic furniture, soft throw blankets, earth-toned pillow covers, and textured rugs, there's a whole host of finds perfect for minor upgrades and entire-room refreshes. 

Not sure where to start? We combed through the section and listed some of our favorite pieces ahead. Even better, some are currently on sale.

Shop Cozy Cabin Decor at Amazon

The section features a wide selection of covers for throw pillows, including this faux leather pillow cover that's on sale right now. Available in a warm cognac color, it'll instantly add warmth to any space. There are also a bunch of pillow covers with a plaid design, the unofficial print of fall and winter. 

You'll find the popular print on cozy blankets too, like the Creative Co-op Plaid Black and Tan Fringed Woven Throw, which is marked down to $34. And if you want to curl up in a fleece throw, check out the Green Orange Fleece Blanket. It's earned more than 12,000 perfect ratings, with customers citing that the "incredibly soft and fluffy" blanket keeps them warm, yet doesn't weigh them down. 

If you're looking for rustic lighting, this dimmable lantern makes a great accent piece for side tables, TV stands, dressers, and more. And for extra lighting, shop this set of two night lights that feature a decorative cage hood. 

Browse the Cozy Cabin section at Amazon, or check out more standout finds below. And if you want more cabin-inspired decorating ideas, head to Amazon's Discover Rooms shopping section, which is full of rustic decor pieces. 

Buy It! 4th Emotion Buffalo Check Plaid Pillow Cover, Set of 2, $10.99;

Buy It! GE LED Plug-in Night Light, Set of 2, $16.98;

Buy It! Kdays Faux Leather Decorative Throw Pillow, $18.90 (orig. $23.90); 

Buy It! Inno Stage Canvas Log Carrier Bag, $24.95; 

Buy It! Creative Co-op Plaid Black and Tan Fringed Woven Throw, $34.06 (orig. $44.99);

Buy It! Green Orange Fleece Blanket, $35.99 with coupon (orig. $39.99); 

Buy It! Muskoka Lifestyle Products Dimmable Electric Lantern Table Lamp, $79.99; 

Buy It! Leatherooze Handmade Unstuffed Leather Pouf, $80.99;

Buy It! Artistic Weavers Beige 5'3" x 7'3" Rug, $111.74 (orig. $180); 

Buy It! Alaterre Furniture Hairpin Natural Live Edge Wood 48-Inch Bench, $188 (orig. $289.95);