By Megan Stein
March 13, 2017 02:06 PM

Your average pair of scissors doesn’t hold a candle to the brute strength of Clay Matthews.

During a Michaels Make Off crafting competition hosted by actress Busy Philipps, the Green Bay Packers linebacker relied on his team spirit to help him take on the challenge of decorating Easter baskets, and he wasn’t about to let anything slow him down.

“There should be scissors on your station somewhere,” Philipps, 37, advises Matthews as she watches him tear apart a beaded necklace with ease.

But Matthews, 30, doesn’t waste any time hunting them down. “If you just rip stuff apart it usually happens a lot faster,” he advises.

While the two are rushing to complete their seasonal DIYs in time, a buzzer signaling a twist in the game interrupts them, and they both immediately scramble to race around the room balancing an egg on a spoon.

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Although Matthews has the advantage over Philipps, who’s donning what they agree to be about 7-inch heels, he also had a secret up his sleeve to secure the win.

“Mine didn’t fall at all,” he says proudly, turning the spoon over to reveal his play: “I hot-glued my egg!”

He may have won the battle, but whether or not he’ll take home the trophy depends on the quality of his basket decorating — and the opinion of the important guest judge.

To see the full face-off (and hear Matthews’ attempt to say “decoupage”), watch the video above.