By Mackenzie Schmidt
December 09, 2016 01:08 PM

Don’t drag that big box of Christmas stuff back to the attic just yet!

If you’ve already trimmed every square inch of your tree and still find yourself staring at a big pile of extra ornaments, it’s time to get creative with your Christmas-ifying and use those sparkly globes strategically to decorate the rest of the house. You don’t have to dangle an ornament from every door knob, but placed in stylish groupings or on surfaces that need a little extra cheer, simple colored balls can bring the holiday spirit into every room. Check out the video above for three easy ideas.

Gather Them in a Bowl. Whether you’re in desperate need of a last-minute (and, ahem, totally free) centerpiece for your dining room, or want to add a little holiday flair to a side table or countertop, this simple idea is sure to do the trick. Using ornaments in varied sizes and textures, but a cohesive color palette — think blue, green, and silver, or red and gold — work best.

Use Them as Place Cards. All you need for this simple hack, is a solid-colored round ornament and a metallic paint pen. Assign your family member with the prettiest handwriting to scrawl the names of each of your holiday dinner guests on a ball and place them on their napkin for a personalized touch. After dinner, they can take them home as a favor.

Dress Up a Table Runner. A garland of greenery laid down the middle of your dining or buffet table is a natural and pretty centerpiece that smells good to boot. Give it a bit more sparkle by tucking ornaments in and around the branches and placing a few tea lights (we like them in mercury glass votives) along each side.