How to Use Your Wrapping Paper Scraps to Make a Gorgeous Holiday Garland

This DIY created exclusively for PEOPLE by Paper Source promises to make your season bright!

Courtesy Paper Source
Photo: Courtesy Paper Source

Unless you have an incredible talent for cutting perfectly sized pieces of wrapping paper, chances are you’re creating a lot of scraps while beautifying your holiday present haul. Rather than toss out all that extra paper, use it to make an adorable (and easy!) garland. The DIY experts at Paper Source created this one exclusively for PEOPLE.

We suggest hanging multiple strands across a doorway for a festive take on the classic beaded room divider, or tying them end to end and wrap them around your tree!

Courtesy Paper Source
Courtesy Paper Source

Makes: 50″ garland

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Courtesy Paper Source
Courtesy Paper Source


1. Using a 1.5″ circle-punch tool or scissors, cut out 48 circles from the wrapping papers.

2. If using a sticker machine, feed each circle into the machine and then fold it in half, leaving the plastic backing on until you’re ready to assemble the ornament. If using a glue stick, simply fold each circle in half. (You’ll add the glue to the back of each circle as you assemble the ornaments.)

3. Create the ornaments! If you used a sticker machine, remove the plastic on two folded circles and attach them by lining up the creases and sticking the halves together. If using a glue stick, coat the backs of two folded circles and stick the halves together. Repeat this step using 5 circles total to create one ball-shaped ornament, but do not attach the last two sides to close the ornament.

4. Lay out the twine and press it into the middle of the ornament where the creases meet. Seal the last two sides to secure the twine inside and complete the ornament. Repeat step 3, attaching ornaments every 5 inches on the twine.

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