See Inside Christine Quinn's Modern Hollywood Hills Mansion (and Baby C's Nursery!)

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn and her husband Christian Richard moved into their dream home in 2019

Christine Quinn can't tell her love story with husband Christian Richard without talking about their dream home.

Long before she and Richard moved into their 5,917-sq.-ft. Hollywood Hills mansion, the luxury real estate agent was trying to sell it.

"This was one of my first listings, and I would envision living in this house, my husband bringing me coffee," the Selling Sunset star says in the new issue of PEOPLE of the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom property, once owned by Hugh Hefner's widow, Crystal.

Years later a friend set Quinn and Richard, 43, a software engineer, up on a date.

"She said, 'If it doesn't work out, that's fine — he's looking for a home,' so I could help him with real estate if he wanted," Quinn, 33, says.

The pair clicked, and within a year he had bought the property, Quinn moved in, and they married in December 2019.

"I got to live in the house I always wanted," she says, "and I got the man of my dreams."

christine quinn home tour
Christine Quinn, husband Christian Richard and their son Christian in their living room. DIANA KOENIGSBERG

Quinn and Richard's three-story residence sits above L.A.'s famed Sunset Strip, and the couple fell in love with its natural environment before they even stepped inside.

"It's just this beautiful oasis," Quinn, who recently debuted a makeup collection with Ciaté London, says of the view from their floor-to-ceiling windows. "There are deer, hummingbirds, a lot of wildlife. I'm like Snow White — this is my castle!"

christine quinn home tour
Quinn and Richard often decorate the copper chandelier in their foyer with live plants. DIANA KOENIGSBERG

The pair have been renovating and redecorating since they moved in. The goal has always been to bring the outdoors in. They've incorporated earthy elements, from an imported olive tree planted in the foyer and bark accents in the living room to wood-paneled walls and plenty of plants throughout.

christine quinn home tour

The nature vibe also seeps into the nursery for their 6-month-old son Christian (aka Baby C), which they decorated in a jungle theme. The room's green walls and soft accessories are a contrast to the rest of the house, which is mostly painted black with sleek lines, metallic accents and high-end fixtures.

"This is definitely not a kid-friendly house," Quinn admits. "We didn't buy this home thinking about expanding our family."

For now, "Baby C isn't walking yet, so we haven't baby-proofed," Quinn adds of the property. "We're outgrowing this home. As much as we love it, it would be nice to have a place with a bigger yard and a flat street that we could take the baby for walks."

christine quinn home tour
Baby C's jungle-themed nursery. DIANA KOENIGSBERG

They've made style sacrifices as Baby C grows. "When you have a baby, you just say, 'Forget about it — the toys are going to be there, it is what it is.' That's what we've leaned into."

Quinn, who will appear in season 4 of Selling Sunset, streaming Nov. 24, says she's also learned to go with the flow since the pandemic hit.

christine quinn home tour

"We kind of paused on everything. A lot of our furniture orders got canceled," she says of lockdown delaying their design process. "A lot of this is stuff from my last home, Christian's last home, so we kind of hodge-podged it together, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. A house takes a while to be a home, so we really embraced that, and opposed to just getting a bunch of random furniture, really learning what we love and learning how we use a room."

christine quinn home tour
Christine Quinn in her glam room. DIANA KOENIGSBERG

While Quinn calls the home "a work in progress," you'd never know it from the stylish, impressive spaces. There's the game room in the basement where they entertain, complete with a wet bar and playful neon signs, as well as a Duck Hunter arcade game, darts and an air-hockey table.

Then there's Quinn's glam room, which she converted from a bedroom so she could store her designer duds and use it as an office and a place to get camera ready. ("I do have a regular closet" with "everyday clothes," Quinn insists. "I have clothes from Target, I swear!")

christine quinn home tour
Quinn and Richard's homemade watercolors sit next to a statement chair. DIANA KOENIGSBERG

The house also became the family's sanctuary during quarantine.

"We got to do things that we never had the time to do, that we never thought we were going to do. We went to the paint store and put Bob Ross's show [The Joy of Painting] on, and all of a sudden we were Pablo Picasso — little things like that that we never got a chance to do," says Quinn, who will release her first book, How to Be a Boss Bitch, in May. "The pandemic really brought us closer together. This house is our safe space."

For more on Christine Quinn, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere now.

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