WATCH: Christina Haack Introduces Kids Taylor and Brayden to Tennessee: 'This Is the Perfect Spot'

Christina Haack brought her two children along for a trip to Tennessee on this week's episode of Christina on the Coast

Christina Haack is kicking back down south.

In an exclusive clip from the latest episode of her series Christina on the Coast, the HGTV star, 38, takes her two kids, daughter Taylor Reese, 10, and son Brayden James, 5, along for a trip to Tennessee, where they explore a bed and breakfast and take in the charming local scenery.

"We're loving life here," Haack tells bed and breakfast owner Anita Hodge.

When Hodge offers up a chance for Taylor and Brayden to see the donkeys she keeps on her property, the children jump at the chance — but they aren't so enthusiastic about doing chores around the barn.

Christina on the Coast

"You get to pick up the poop," Haack jokes to her son Brayden.

During an interview, she tells the cameras that she is "loving" being in Tennessee.

"I just came out of a super hectic work environment to just be here on this farm, surrounded by green grass and animals and the kids just running around," she explains. "Like this is the perfect spot."

After spending some quality time with the horses and donkeys, it's time for chores.

Christina on the Coast

"So who's gonna help me clean up the barn?" Hodge asks her visitors.

While Brayden replies, "No," Taylor tells Haack, "I'm playing with the horses, mom."

Haack later admits in an interview that "the kids definitely were not very helpful as far as farm duties go, but that's okay."

She adds, "I plan on making this definitely a yearly thing. The kids are having the best time and I'm just able to relax and turn off everything, all the noise."

The upcoming episode, titled "Traditional Meets Modern Kitchen," also features a young couple "with differing, eclectic styles redesign their kitchen," per HGTV. It's up to Haack to work within their budget to make them both happy, while she also "deals with lots of new changes in her personal life."

Christina on the Coast

Haack, who split from TV host Ant Anstead last fall, also shares 21-month-old Hudson London with her estranged husband. The HGTV star told PEOPLE in June that she's been keeping her focus on her family as she navigates co-parenting, work and settling into a new home.

"I'm focusing on myself and the kids and having fun," she said. "I'm focusing on keeping our private life more private and just enjoying our time together and just being positive."

Haack teased that the new season of Christina on the Coast is the most personal yet.

"This season, all episodes are an hour, so you're going to see a lot of big projects, big transformations and big budgets, and then also these stories of things going on in my personal life," she said. "I feel like this season has a lot of really high design, a lot more personality - and it's definitely my favorite season."

Christina on the Coast airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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