Christina Haack and Joshua Hall's Relationship Timeline

The HGTV star and the Austin-based realtor started dating in July 2021, and their marriage was confirmed in April 2022. Here is a complete timeline of their relationship

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March 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall start dating

Christina Anstead
Christina Anstead. Courtesy Discovery+

Despite keeping the news quiet throughout July 2021, Haack and Hall later revealed that they had initially fallen for each other in March 2021.

A source told PEOPLE in July 2021 that Haack had a new love interest following her divorce from husband Ant Anstead, and they were headed out of town to celebrate her 38th birthday. The source did not mention Hall by name.

"They recently started dating each other and it was an immediate, real connection," the source said, adding that the man works in real estate. "They've enjoyed getting to know each other one-on-one without outside noise."

The announcement came less than two weeks after PEOPLE confirmed that Anstead had started dating actress Renée Zellweger.

Haack and Anstead split in September 2020 after less than two years of marriage and finalized their divorce in June 2021. The two share son Hudson, and Haack also shares daughter Taylor and son Brayden with her first husband and Flip or Flop costar, Tarek El Moussa.

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July 7, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall go on a romantic birthday getaway

Christina Haack
Christina Haack/instagram

The new couple was pictured holding hands at Los Angeles International Airport before boarding a plane to celebrate Haack's 38th birthday in paradise. Haack shared a video on Instagram of a private, beachside suite where she and Hall stayed during their vacation. The video, which seems to have been recorded by Hall, showed Haack on a swing dressed in a white bikini beside an outdoor bathtub filling with water, all set to the song "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris.

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July 8, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall make it Instagram official

Christina Haack, Joshua Hall
Christina Haack, Joshua Hall. Christina Haack/Instagram

While in Mexico celebrating her 38th birthday, Haack revealed on her Instagram Stories that she was dating Hall. The first photo showed the pair sitting side-by-side at a candlelit table.

"The most whimsical/romantic dinner," Haack captioned the photo.

The second photo was a selfie of the new couple smiling with their foreheads touching — Haack pulling then-boyfriend Hall in close with a hand on his neck.

Three days later, on July 11, Haack shared two more romantic snaps on Instagram of the couple cuddling up in Mexico. In one photo, the pair snuggled up together while standing in the water of a cave, while in the second snap, they shared a romantic embrace.

"Cenotes," Haack captioned the image, using a regional term to refer to the geographical feature.

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July 8, 2021: Christina Haack shares how she fell for Joshua Hall

On July 8, 2021, Haack took the opportunity to address her relationship on Instagram, explaining how she felt when she met Hall, how they fell for each other, the anxiety she faced once they became public as a couple and how she'd like to move forward.

"I may be a bit crazy and im definitely not perfect but I will never live my life based on other peoples judgments or opinions," she wrote. "We pride ourselves on never judging others and always wanting others to be happy and we wish others would have the same respect."

She added, "So yes 'another relationship' and guess what. I'm 38 -I'll do what I want."

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July 9, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall's budding relationship is news to her ex

Tarek El Moussa, Christina Haack, Joshua Hall
Kevin Mazur/Getty; Christina Haack/Instagram

As the public learned about Haack's new relationship, the star's ex-husband El Moussa was also just learning about the pair.

"We don't know their situation. We're kind of just finding out, too, and just learning," El Moussa told PEOPLE in July 2021.

El Moussa's then-fiancée (now wife), Selling Sunset realtor Heather Rae Young, has a surprising connection to Hall, and the betrothed pair have even met him several times. Hall is the brother of one of Young's friends, Jessica Hall, Young confirmed to PEOPLE.

"It is true. My girlfriend Jessica, we've been friends for like over 10 years, and it's just a fluke," Young said. "You know, it was nothing that was planned. It just happened."

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July 21, 2021: Christina Haack calls Joshua Hall her "ride or die"

A little over a week after their getaway, Haack celebrated Hall in a sweet tribute on her Instagram, referring to him as her "ride or die."

"Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors — remember that before making judgements and assumptions," the star shared, alongside a photo of herself and Hall sitting in a car. "and this woman / mama is still lucky enough to have this man choose me. ❤️"

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July 26, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall have a family beach day

christina haack
Christina Haack/Instagram

By the end of July 2021, Haack shared a cute slideshow of photos from her "Beach daze with all my babes" on Instagram, featuring cute snaps of her three kids and new beau.

One of the photos showed her three kids smiling for the camera alongside their boogie boards and a selfie of her and Hall wearing sunglasses and ball caps. She also shared some sweet videos on her Instagram Stories, including a clip of Hall driving a golf cart with her family and friends in tow.

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August 3, 2021: Christina Haack addresses online negativity about relationship with Joshua Hall

Christina Haack
Joshua Hall and Christina Haack. Christina Haack/Instagram

Haack made it clear on Aug. 3, 2021, that she wouldn't stand for any negativity concerning her relationship with Hall. In a post shared on Instagram, she captioned the photo of herself and Hall, "I normally turn off comments with Josh and will continue to do so if people are rude. I don't want to waste any mins of my life blocking negative people."

She continued in the lengthy post, "Life is short. Do what you love with the ones you love. For me, that's Josh, my kids and a few close friends and co-workers. ✌🏼"

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August 15, 2021: Christina Haack spends the day with Joshua Hall and his mom

Christina haak
Christina haak /instagram

Haack and Hall continued blending their families — this time with a day on the water that included Hall's mom. Haack, who purchased a yacht in October 2020 and named it "Aftermath," posted a photo of the three smiling while boating off the coast of Southern California.

"Boat day with friends, my man and his pretty mama," Haack captioned a photo of the three happily smiling for the camera, adding a heart and sun emoji.

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August 23, 2021: Christina Haack, Joshua Hall and her children head to Las Vegas

Hall proved he was more than willing to act as a father figure to Haack's children. The duo took Haack's older children to dinner during a quick 24-hour jaunt to Las Vegas.

"24 hours in Las Vegas with the big kids - wave pool, aquarium, steak dinner repeat, ❤️🎰" Haack captioned the photo on Instagram of the family dining in a restaurant.

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September 19, 2021: Christina Haack shares a sweet message for Joshua Hall on his birthday

Haack used Hall's birthday in September 2021 to publicly express what he meant to her.

In a celebratory tribute to her beau, Haack wrote on Instagram, "You give me that teenage kinda love vibe and manly protection. It's a combo for a lifetime of happiness + success. Thank you for reminding me what life and love are like when you put down the technology."

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September 20, 2021: Christina Haack announces engagement to Joshua Hall

christina haack new ring/ engagement
christina haack/ instagram

The Christina on the Coast star got engaged to Hall after several months of dating, confirming the news on Instagram on Sept. 20, 2021. Haack shared a trio of photos, one of which showed off her stunning diamond engagement ring. Other images showed the pair kissing and enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Haack captioned the post with five emojis: A heart, an infinity sign, a lock, a key and a ring. Fans commented with their congratulations. She also changed her Instagram bio to read, "Mommy. 💍 Josh Hall."

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October 15, 2021: Christina Haack says she's looking forward to spending more time with Joshua Hall

As Haack and Hall began settling into their family routine and focusing on their relationship and the kids, Haack expressed her enthusiasm about spending more time with her then-fiancé.

"Looking forward to a fun weekend of soccer and beach days with this 🔥man and the kids," Haack wrote on Instagram alongside a stunning selfie of two. "No matter the location/ occasion with him by my side life is good. ❤️"

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October 25, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall get spooky at Universal Studios

Just in time for spooky season in 2021, the couple made time for a Halloween date. Haack and Hall spent the evening getting spooked at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights on Oct. 25, 2021.

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October 31, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall do a family costume for Halloween

After their Halloween date, Haack and Hall focused on celebrating the holiday with family. For Halloween 2021, Hall, Haack and her youngest son, Hudson London, dressed up as characters from the 1982 classic E.T.

Haack wore overalls and pigtails to portray Drew Barrymore's character, Hall dressed as Henry Thomas' role and Hudson went as the alien himself!

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December 17, 2021: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall hit the town in Nashville

While much of the couple's time together has focused on family, the two also made time for a fun night out with friends at Puckett's Leiper's Fork, known for its live music and BBQ, in Franklin, Tennessee.

"Favorite live music spot with my favorite people. Country life is the best life. 🎶 ❤️," Haack captioned the shot.

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February 19, 2022: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall have a family outing

Haack and Hall continued their family bonding efforts with a fun day out as a group. The whole family spent the day at Boomers, and Haack revealed on Instagram that "Hudson won the grand prize (1000 tickets 🎟) and bought everyone gifts… but for real he did… 😳beginners luck ❤️"

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February 26, 2022: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall get active together

The couple spiced things up with some goat yoga on Feb. 26.

"the goats were very into Josh! I don't blame them 😜," she teased on Instagram, adding, "Time to get some 🐐🐐 for our Tennessee home!!"

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April 5, 2022: Christina Hack and Joshua Hall's marriage is confirmed

christina haack, josh hall
Christina Haack/Instagram

On April 5, 2022, after less than a year of dating, PEOPLE confirmed Haack and Hall tied the knot!

TMZ was the first to report the news, with sources telling the outlet that they wed in California "sometime over the last six months." Haack appeared to have also changed her last name to Hall on her real estate license.

Just days before the happy news, Haack posted a photo of the two sharing a kiss on Instagram with the caption, "Prayed for a man who was all man but still treated me like his queen. Never give up. ❤️ ♾ 👑"

Shortly after the marriage was confirmed, the HGTV star changed her last name to Hall.

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June 2022: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall move into their new family home

The couple took the next step in combining their lives when Haack sold her $11.5 million Dana Point home to head to Newport so the two could be closer to where her children attend school.

"Near school and friends and work. Our new home is our long term family home. Coming from a restless soul my soul is ready to rest. At 38 I'm exactly where I want to be and can't wait to make the next house our home," she said in a post.

She posted a photo of their new home, writing, "No furniture, no decor, just love."

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September 4, 2022: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall host intimate Maui wedding

Christina Hall and Josh Hall Wedding Celebration. credit Anna Kim Photography
Anna Kim Photography

After officially tying the knot in 2022, the two hosted a romantic Hawaiian wedding ceremony on the island of Maui over Labor Day weekend.

She captioned a photo on Instagram from the day: "Shared vows in front of family and our close friends. Everything in life has led me to where I am right now, which is exactly where I want to be. My dream man on the dreamiest island. Maui holds a special place in my heart. What an amazing night filled with love."

Her two sons walked her down the aisle.

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September 19, 2022: Christina Haack and Joshua Hall celebrate his birthday post-wedding

Just two weeks after their intimate oceanfront wedding in Hawaii, the couple traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico, to celebrate Hall's 42nd birthday.

"Happy Birthday baby 🎉 42 and hot as ever," Haack (now Hall) captioned the photo of the two hugging, adding a flame and heart emoji. "Had the best birthday weekend celebrating and having alone time at our fav spot, Cabo. My husband and partner in life, can't wait to see what this year has in store. I love you always forever, ever. "

Hall, meanwhile, posted a playful photo on Instagram showing the pair strolling down a street while holding hands as he wore a large sombrero. "I give it six months," he joked in his caption.

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