"It took some time to get news as communications were down…but when it came it was amazing," she says

By Megan Stein
September 19, 2017 11:39 AM
Christie Brinkley Instagram; Sonia Moskowitz/Getty

Christie Brinkley’s Turks & Caicos home lived up to its name in Hurricane Irma.

“Our house ‘Lucky House’ was for the most part spared!” the supermodel and mom of three wrote in an emotional Instagram post. “I named it Lucky House because we all feel so lucky to call it home.”

After hearing news of the impending storm earlier this month, Brinkley, 63, tried to remain positive that her family’s abode was safe and sound. “I tried to be philosophical as I was sure our home was underwater,” she writes on the side-by-side photo of the estate before and after it weathered Irma. “Well, it took some time to get news as communications were down…but when it came it was amazing.”

“A couple windows blown out a lot of the roof shingles stripped, our “jungle” gone…trees broken and uprooted but our home full of happy memories was miraculously still standing.”

Brinkley explains that the devastating natural disaster hit on the fifth anniversary of her mother’s death. “I really do think she had something to do with saving our home,” she reveals. “She believed in the power of prayer and used to start every prayer with “Dear God, Hi It’s me again Marge Brinkley and I’m coming to you from Malibu, California, then she peppered her prayers with gratitude and a little gossip I think just to make sure He was still listening.”

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And if Marge does have some pull with the man upstairs, Brinkley also asks for assistance for others in the area that are suffering.

“I’m guessing my Mom has her eye on this new storm bearing down on us too but Mom if your listening Hi It’s Me Christie coming to you from the Hamptons and I am asking you to use your connections up there in Heaven to pull some strings, for all the vulnerable souls who have lost everything and for those who still have everything to lose,” she says. “Thanks Mom and for what it’s worth I’m sending my best wishes too for Luck and Love to shelter you from the storm.”

Brinkley has taken to social media before to express her concern about global warming and her stance on embracing “a clean green future.”

“Our children’s and grandchildren’s destiny is in our hands! Let’s break the grip of greed that allows few to prosper at our expense,” she said earlier in September when Irma descended onto the island. “Let’s harness our natural resources for a safer tomorrow!”