Chrissy Teigen Dishes on the Airport Secret That Allows Celebrities to Avoid the Public Terminals

Teigen appeared to be referring to LAX's The Private Suite, the airport's luxury — and paparazzi-proof — terminal

Many celebrities have their own way of making visits to the airport less stressful — but it costs a pretty penny.

Over the weekend, the always-candid Chrissy Teigen responded to a fan who asked her about whether celebrities have to deal with the same long lines and delays as everyone else when they travel.

“How the frick do most celebrities travel on planes? Are you ever just hustling through the airport trying to make it to your gate on time?” the Twitter user asked. Teigen explained that there’s actually a way to avoid all of the hassles the public face when hopping a flight.

“There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car,” she commented, adding “I know. I know,” seemingly predicting readers reactions to the extravagance.

While Teigen didn’t specifically call out the terminal by name, she appears to be referring to LAX’s The Private Suite, the Los Angeles airport’s luxury — and paparazzi-free — terminal, which opened in 2017.

“It typically takes 2,200 footsteps from car seat to plane seat. For members of The Private Suite, it’s 70 footsteps,” reads a post from the terminal website.

Instead of having to wait in long security lines or search the airport for their gates, members of the VIP service “spend their pre-flight time in totally private suites, each with its own bathroom, its own food-service pantry, a two-person daybed, and a runway view of aircraft landing and taking off,” the site promises.

In a 2017 Wall Street Journal story, security consultant Gavin de Becker wrote: “They can have sex in here, change clothes, have arguments—we never come in and never knock on the door without a phone call first to the room,” adding that the suites “give people the one thing they never get at an airport: peace.”

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Additionally, members get their own private TSA screening and a staff of 8 employees to make the process as seamless as possible. And, as Teigen mentions, they’re driven directly to (and from) their plane.

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However, using this service will cost you.

Currently, an annual membership fee is $4,500, with each domestic one-way flight costing members an additional $2,700 while each international one-way flight costs $3,000.

The prices are more expensive for non-members, who have to pay $3,500 per domestic one-way flight and $4,000 for each international one.

Additionally, members are allowed to bring three extra guests free of charge, while non-members are only permitted 2.

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Of course, The Private Suite isn’t the only option when it comes to getting the VIP airport experience.

London’s Heathrow Airport has its own VIP service, which is available to all travelers flying business or first class.

The luxury experience includes a chauffeur service, private lounges, a personal butler, as well as Michelin-star dining, with prices starting at £3,300. An airport spokesperson told WSJ in 2017 that 60,000 people used the VIP terminal yearly.

For a slightly lower price, travelers can also use Royal Airport Concierge, which operates out of many airports across the globe. With prices ranging from $100-$750, customers can get access to a more fast-tracked experience, according to Bloomberg.

At Newark Liberty International Airport near New York City, there is a secret VIP restaurant hidden behind an unmarked door in one of the terminals, where guests have to be invited to dine. Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Anna Faris, Billy Idol, Madonna and Pete Davidson have all visited.

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