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October 17, 2016 09:03 AM

Being a new mom is perhaps life’s biggest learning curve, and Chrissy Teigen recently got a lesson from the school of hard knocks.

The Lip Sync Battle cohost recounts to PEOPLE how during a recent family vacation in Europe, she and husband, John Legend, were blessed with a baby anomaly: “She was great the entire time,” Teigen tells PEOPLE at Marriott International’s Global Travel Day event in New York. “That was her first real, proper vacation. It went really well and,” she admits, “I think I got cocky.” 

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The next time? Not so much. “She lost it for about five hours straight,” Teigen recalls with a laugh of the first flight she and now 6-month-old Luna took alone. She also gives props to a life-saving crew of flight attendant-moms. “I swear to god, every flight attendant had at least like three or four kids, so they were passing her around. Everyone was trying something. They were so sweet about it because I was mortified.”

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It’s a struggle Teigen wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy . . . but she might wish it on her husband. “That flight was so difficult that when John traveled alone with her yesterday, a small part of me was like, I hope she gives him hell,” she says. “But nope, she was perfect for him.”

Because of course a few verses of All of Me is more powerful than a teething toy and bottle combined.

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