“Jo and I have struggles and fighting and arguments just like anybody else,” the Fixer Upper star revealed

By Megan Stein
December 05, 2017 04:12 PM

For Chip Gaines, the secret to a successful marriage is this: “There’s no secret.”

The Fixer Upper star opened up about his life with wife Joanna and their four children, Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7, in the January issue of SUCCESS, revealing that the couple is just as prone to everyday ups and downs as the rest of the world.

“It’s hard work,” he said. “Jo and I have struggles and fighting and arguments just like anybody else. This isn’t like we got lucky and hit the lottery and the two perfect people fell in love.”

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Although their HGTV series is a massive success, the two shocked fans when they announced that the fifth season, airing now, would be their last — a decision they continue to defend.

“People are like, ‘You’re crazy. You would be crazy to leave this thing at the height like this. Give it another year. Let it run out of gas,’” he told the magazine. “And we kind of laugh, and we’re like, ‘You know what? That’s not who we are.’”

But because they “will always choose our family” over fame, the Gaineses have no regrets over their decision to end the show.

“We’ve always been on the same page when it comes to the things that matter most: our family and our values and how we want to raise our children,” Joanna said.

Chip added: “Despite the fact that this is extremely risky and maybe even a little bit irresponsible, I feel like it’s going to be the right decision for our family moving forward, and we’re really optimistic about that.”

And if fans still need convincing of the power couple’s dedication to their brood, let this sweet tradition be the proof.

Before Chip and Jo travel anywhere, they tell their kids: “No matter what, we choose you. You’re the most important thing in the world to your mom and your dad,” Chip revealed. “Right now, we have to go and do this particular thing or that particular thing, but we want you to know if you need us, if there’s something that comes up in your life, you tell us and we will leave whatever it is that we’re doing in a heartbeat.”