Joanna Gaines dishes on 'install day,' when she and her team put together the visual displays for the fall season at Magnolia

By Madison Roberts
August 29, 2018 01:01 PM

Chip and Joanna Gaines are taking you behind-the-scenes at Magnolia Market at the Silos.

In a new video and post on her blog, Joanna talks about Install Day, when she and her team put together the visual displays for the new season.

Chip and the kids play out on the lawn while I hang out in the shop with the visual team as they put each display together,” Joanna writes. “I love bringing the kids and watching them take in all that our team has created. It’s like a big reveal at the end of the day.”

In the video, Joanna discusses how the cover of Magnolia Journal, which is published by PEOPLE’s parent company, inspires the visual displays in the market.

“Each season we take the theme of our magazine and weave that story throughout everything we do at Magnolia,” Joanna says in the video. “It’s through the visual displays at the market that we get to show our guests visually who we are and what we value.”

This fall, the market features pampas gras, hand-woven displays, a hand-dipped paintbrush chandelier, and Joanna’s favorite—a peacock sculpture, which was made with watercolor paper, hand-torn feathers and paintbrushes for the tail.

“The details are important to us,” Joanna says. “We want the heart of the magazine to translate in the look and feel of everything you see when you visit the Silos.”

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The HGTV star gives fans a glimpse into how the team creates the visual displays, and takes viewers through the process of decorating her Waco, Texas, lifestyle destination the same way she did when renovating a home on Fixer Upper.

“They are the hands that basically bring all of this to life,” Joanna says. “So the magic that you see inside the market really all starts right here.”

While the entire process takes months of planning, she says the actual store decorating takes a full day and a half because they have to take down everything from the previous season and start fresh.

In the end of the video, Joanna walks the store’s open floor plan holding baby Crew, as Chip and her other children wander around looking through the displays.

“Mama, you did great as always,” Chip says before they close up shop for the night. “So proud of you.”