Chip Gaines Teases Wife Joanna About Her Secretly Messy Storage Habits: 'Who Is This Woman?'

"I love the fact that Jo on the surface is so put together," Chip says

We all of have a chaotic clutter closet or junk drawer in the house. For Joanna Gaines, her trove of spare goodies can be found in the attic!

The Fixer Upper star is revealing her messy storage space on Tuesday’s episode, sharing a peek into the seasonal décor, old family photos and random tidbits — like the antique corbels she plans to use in her current project — that occupy the top floor of her Waco, Texas, farmhouse.

“I love the fact that Jo on the surface is so put together,” Chip says in the exclusive clip above. “And then you walk into this woman’s attic and her undie drawer and it’s like, ‘Who is this person? I don’t even know who she is.’”

Chip continues to press that the room is “a joke.” Jo, however, maintains she’s no different than other homeowners who share their house’s classic layout.

“It’s what everyone else’s attic looks like when you have a pitched roof,” she says. “And you have to cram a bunch of Christmas stuff in there, Easter stuff, Fourth of July stuff, Grandparent’s Day stuff.”

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Her husband eventually got his way, though. After filming this segment for the fifth and final season of their HGTV show, Joanna — who is pregnant with her and Chip’s fifth child — cleaned house, documenting the chaotic process (and pristine finished product) on Instagram.

Teasing aside, Chip understands his wife’s need for the pileup of mismatched items.

“In your defense, it’s kind of your way…everybody’s gotta let go somewhere,” he says.

For the full details — including the cringeworthy moment when Joanna comes across a mouse — watch the clip above, and tune into Fixer Upper, Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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